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Radio / Limit / Sound Trigger Question.

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Level 7
Nov 6, 2019
- Limit -

Is vJass required to set up a limit trigger?

Basically I want to put multiple unit type into a ground unit type, so I can limit building them

Basically, house, farm, hut different units share the same limit, so if you got 2 house, 1 hut and 3 farm it counts same limit, so if limit if 5 u can’t build and more of any.

I tried multiple things and not work so far and from looking at gui limits seems it may have to be jass.

I know it is possible send it on something before.

- Sound -

Is it possible to set a sound up play for owner of triggering unit only?

- Radio -

I know nothing of Lua but heard it can link off map things

So is it possible to make a radio item that streams the songs from a website url.

And as said don’t know lua at all so if so how?

- Side -

I have already been told lua can make a database on a site, and read it to ban people without having to release new version of map.

If I was told right, again lua know nothing so how?

- - - - -

I do need to learn lua one day as I wanna make custom ui, I do wonder if using custom ui can I increase the build menu, from 11 default to 20 for example.


Warcraft Moderator
Level 65
Aug 10, 2018
Limit - This is easily done in GUI. All you have to do is keep track of an Integer. When you build a house/farm/hut you increase this Integer by 1. Then you check if this Integer is Equal to 5. If it is, you prevent the building of the house/farm/hut. This can be done through many methods such as Requirements, interrupting Orders, and possibly using the Limit Training action (not sure if it works for buildings). Lastly, when one of those buildings dies, you subtract this Integer by 1 and unrestrict the building by undoing whatever prevention method you used before. If you want this to work for multiple players you simply use an Integer Array and place the Player's number in the [Index].

Sound - This can be done using the GetLocalPlayer() function. In GUI this is only accessible through Custom script. Search "Hiveworkshop play sound for one player" for the answer.

Radio/Side - No clue but I doubt this can be done. That being said, I don't see why anyone would lie about such a thing.

Lua - Programming is a lot of fun. Once you learn a bit about Lua you'll find other programming languages to be easier to understand since they share most of the same principles. After that you can ditch this old dusty game and get on to making your own games.
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