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[General] Limit Items of certain type for player

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Level 2
Mar 17, 2020
Hi everyone,

in worldeditor there is a trigger which allows me to set limit of unit-type for players.

My question is: Is there any trigger to set limit of item-type for players? I can't find similar trigger :/

Idea is that player can build certain building containing items and I want to set limit for that items (as in the case of units), for instance 3 books of experience and no more.

I know I can set very long time for replenishment of stocks (or how it is in english), but player can build another building and there are 3 books of experiences again.
Or I can set limit for that building to 1, but player can destroy the building and then build a new one.
Or I can set that player can build that building only one time, but that building can be destroyed by enemy, so player should have opportunity to build it again.

How to solve this problem with limit of item-type?


Level 14
Feb 7, 2020
You would have to follow post #3 here in setting up the shops Add/remove items in a specific shop and control this via triggers.

It wouldn't be too difficult, I think. You can have an integer variable that you set to the total number of tomes that can be purchased (3). Decrease it by 1 with a trigger listening for sold items.

In another trigger: whenever a unit that should sell the tome finishes construction, add the item with your integer variable controlling the number of stock for the tome (if the variable is 0, don't add any). This is in the action section of Neutral Buildings.

If this made sense, you can try it and post the triggers here if you need further help. Experimentation is the fastest way to learn things.
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