[HD/Modeling] race model request/armor idea.

hi. i was wondering if anyone would be able to make this for warcraft 3 reforged? thise dragon kin fit's well into the dragon fligt thats comin up for wow. and i'd like to celebrate it with the dragon themed melee map for multiplayer only im making.

also. if anyone make the exagt one here from that page, that armor would be awesome too for other's to use for human troop's. the blue part's in the armor could be the team color.

if not making a whole race, please just 3-5 diffirant one's of thise kind's, in wich case i'd like it to be 3 melee with cool plate armor, 1 ranged, and a magic user, wich i can use as critters to be on the map to defeat or convert to your side. all 4 normal races will have a hero on the map im making that has some kind of convert enemy unit ability.

in general, there is also a lot of cool armor idea's/inspirations, looking trough all of thise dragon kin folk's, and clicking on each also find you even more exempeles of that style you clicked on below that one.
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