Quilboar Race

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
This is basically a place where i (or Others) will add Models or Icons into the Pack.

The Following Models will be Credited along with the Author.

Quilboar Raider

Quilboar Mainbuilding
Quilboar Altar of Agamaggan
Quilboar Animal Battle Grounds
Quilboar House of Ancestry
Quilboar Forge
Quilboar Hut
Quilboar Sacrificial Grounds
Quilboar Thorny Spire
Quilboar Training Camp
Quilboar Treasure Hideout

(Permission given to add these)
Razormane Mystic
Razormane Hunter

Anyone who wants certain (only Quilboar related things will be added) things added in here, then please tell me. I will also need Permission from these Authors like with Wandering Soul.