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Question about Reps

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Level 9
Jul 24, 2007
I was wondering, depending on what i read on the sticky:
For each 200 reputation points a user possesses, he or she adds one point to the reputation totals of others.

I think i didnt understand this correctly, but should i have 200 reps to what?
once again i dont think i understanded it correctly!

who are the others? how do they get the rep? and should i have 200 rep points to give 1 rep? this needs damned explanation!

ps i know im acting like a little stupid here, but seriously i didnt understand it.

off-topic: "who are the others?" this reminds me of the tv show "Lost" :))
Level 22
Feb 26, 2008
> ^ is that true?


1. Rep is a very simple concept.
2. People have questions when they don't know the rules.
3. Rep does not matter.
4. You have to actually have some to contribute.
5. To get some, you probably have to help someone.
6. Don't expect to get to 1000 anytime soon.
Level 8
May 25, 2008
one more little question:
is there a limit to reputation points that i can give?

Yeah, there it the reputation points on each player on about how many reps u can give. For example u have 30 rep points (not rep given by other people)
and u can give 3 reps. rep points are gained by helping hive and etc and as time passes u gains rep points.

I hope this chart would help.

Reputation: Me = 2
Reputation Points: Amount of Reputation Points a member have.

If still unclear u can ask for more help :thumbs_up:
That's not what i meant u all have over probably infinite rep points because u registered long time ago and it's rep point not power. if u +rep someone at the beginning registered it will say u have not enough rep points.

And that's not what Pyritie meant when he said that was a necropost.

Now stop posting or you'll be getting your fair share of negative reputation.
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