Quenching Mod w3n reader introduction and some API


Hosted Project: QM
Level 13
May 16, 2010
The w3n converter released with v1.5 and for now it's working fine
and there are few notes for reforged campaign makers

It's only work with unprotected w3n files
if it's protected, you may call us to make some special fit in

0/ mechanism

The convert process is basicly like the pervious version of Quenchingmod.
It's prase the w3n files and unpacked them into separated maps
QMclient will automatic generate campaign info files to make these maps shown inside warcraft

Most of process is done by QMclient
and don't rely on QMresources

However, the warcraft client ui files (webui/glue) and background files rely on QMresources
So we made a minium package for CC-only player.

If you want to make a custom background rather than using QM default background
Here is the instruction

1/ Media files

Put "Qcustom9_BG.webm" and "Qcustom9_BG.png" in the w3n root dictionary.
Mod will install your custom Background files.
Otherwise it will just use a default files.
The format of these files is shown as follow.



2/ Unpack and Use

For issues like OS / software ENV / personal - some folks can't use QM to get cc
But for campaign makes, QM can still be useful by converting w3n to maps quickly

if you use QM to converting map, there will be following folders

war3campImported - resources used in your campagin
sound - music used in your campagin
music - music used in your campagin
webui - background and war3 webclient support
ui - campaign info
campaign - all converted maps is inside this folder

You may pack them all in a zip files for example. And for player who want to play these campaign
It just unziped them in to retail folder, and these campaign will be seen in the war3 client
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