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Pyritie's Adventure 1.03

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Level 24
Jun 14, 2005
One of our hosted projects, Pyritie's Adventure, has just released a new version of their campaign. You can find the new version of the campaign Here.

Pyritie said:
When Pyritie discovers an ancient artifact in the forest, him and his brother Lirch embark on an epic adventure to unravel its secrets.

- - - update - - -

The creator, Pyritie is also hosting an animation contest for models that will be used in the campaign. Any site member is allowed to enter as long as they have the right tools and knowledge to do so.
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Level 29
Jul 29, 2007
Was it supposed to end when Pyritie and Donban (or what was that nane?) enter the cave after the wood quest ?

They enterd and it just got stuck untill I pressed esc, which then sent me to the credits.

By the way, there is some bug with the woods.
The first time I played it, they didn't want to go into my inventory. I sovled this by clicking on them about 4-5 times and then they came in.
The second time for some reason it worked just fine with 1 click.
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