Project: Kirin Tor TD

Level 6
Dec 10, 2004
Well, the main objective of this post is to collect all help possible to make Kirin Tor TD. You can give models, skins, creep ideas, suggestions, all whatever you want. It's about to save Kirin Tor's Library from the forces of Arthas.

But there's some things I ask:

If you're going to give me an idea for a 10-creep chain, don't come with out-themed things. You can give me serious things like Goblins, Orcs, Bandits,... but not with stupid things like DooM III Enemies, Halo 2 Creeps, Wintermaul creeps,... and monsters that have a stupid name like "Boob implants", "1337",... Come with serious ideas, please. And avoid Manga-, Cartoon- and Anime-source names.

When you ask a suggestion, ask it respectfully, but if you come with things like "PUT LINKIN PAERK MUZAK", "MAEK IT 1337", or whatever idiocy you got, I won't accept it.

I ask for decent icons, models and skins (I admit, I'm a bad skinner). Don't come with the abominations I've mention above. The icon, model or skin must be useful for something, or else, I will not include it on the map.

If you all want to beta test (maximum player capacity is 6), then we'll decide to make a beta-test in Europe server some day.

That's it.
Level 25
Mar 31, 2004
Well if its Arthas coming to attack, then you want undead. Lots of undead. Nothing BUT undead infact

Anywho, put that Lich on the bike in the map. As a fast and strong thing. That you have to kill. Oh, and Reavents. Lots and lots of them

Those Murbat riders near the start of the models section could be of use, and seeing as the Kirin Tor are all magical and stuff, make one of the hero's spells create a golem. To crush stuff with

Oh, and DEFINATLY use a IG skin for a high-level creature