Problem with Custom UI

Level 10
Jan 30, 2010
I'm having problems with a custom UI, I'm using in a campaign.
The Custom UI part: 'Time Indicator Frame' doesn't show, instead the map shows UI of different races?!
I tried replacing the Time Indicator Frame Texture from the Game Interface Module but there is no option for this particular texture.

How do I make it that every time the map starts, the UI sticks to Human Race?

Help me plz
Level 21
Mar 2, 2010
player properties seem to be able to force a player to be a certain race though it only limits the interface. i tested it in a map where i set race to human but gave myself undead units. that made me undead but with human interface. a bug in the editor cause race to default to selectable. maybe you could use jass to force the player race to human.
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