Probelm with applying animated texture.

[SOLVED] Probelm with applying animated texture.

Hello. I have a simple yet annoying problem here. I am using Magos to do all the animated texturing (this is actually my first one) and it works fine until I save and rerun. Everything is fine, except from the menu "Windows->Materials Manager->Texture" the animated texture ID is empty again, no matter what I do. So it just won't save it with the animated texture ID applied. When that is the only change to the model, it doesn't even show the * sign that I haven't saved the model (which means it doesn't count it as a change.) Can this be bypassed in any way like converting to mdl and editing with notepad or with Mdlvis or something?

EDIT: I did it with some reverse-engineering of some models with texture animations. Turns out it needs to be converted to mdl and edit with notepad. Under the material you wish to have the animation you add "TVertexAnimId 0," or "TVertexAnimId 1," if the animation takes second place in the texture anims list in magos...
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