Animated textures do not work like intended


I read the tutorial on Creating Animated Textures with Magos's Model Editor a couple of days ago and wanted to put it into practice. I followed the steps accurately, and all the textures animates properly (I've only been using moving textures so far) in Model Editor. However, their behavior in game is erratic. Here's what I noticed so far:

- I tried to make a 2-layer material with the topmost layer (the layer that gets applied last) having animated texture and bottom layer having none. Animation shows up properly in the Editor, but in-game the texture of topmost layer doesn't move at all.
- When I move the layer with animated texture to the bottom, it animates in game but causes all layers above it in the material to animate as well, which is undesirable. Also, it seems like the texture animation of the bottommost layer overrides the texture animation of any remaining layer in the same material.

Does anyone have a workaround or fix for this glitch?