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Pro War - Guides Section

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A thread dedicated to guides about existing heroes
This thread is for information only. If you haven't played my map, I suggest that you check it out first before coming here.

"this thread was made because of the 80k word limit per thread. with increase of guides, the talk section thread couldn't be edited more"

Map Download Page

Talk Section Page

Hero Guides

Author: kevlamin

Welcome to my Conjurer Guide let me start by saying that the Conjuror is a crazy support with some of the best Kiting tactics

-------Item Sequence-------
Refined Wizard's Cane, Addidas, Masters Cane, Staff of Healing, Magical Scimitar

I left the last slot empty for Refiners.

Here is my fully built Lobs (+ refined items)

+Gains gold quickly - Can farm or kill for gold
+Heaps of killing power
+Not very sqishy
+Can kite extermely well
+Has a low cd heal and summons
+Lots of gold very quickly
-Unless the enemy Team is buff/debuff dependant His ult is rather useless

Anywhere and everywhere Obviously dont Go for the orange dots to begin with unless you go with your team.
Hint: Heal Your allies as much as possible as its a low manacost and low cooldown also once you have your passive it means more lobsters

-------Skilling Guide-------
Okay as a foreword the order for Lobs is personal Prefernce I personally take this

Start the Game with Conjure Lobsters This is how you Kite and do most of your damage. However It is mana dependent and you might not have enough mana to spam it early.

Second Get Conjure Bubble It is a great, spammable, low cd heal which can help you or your allies get out of a tough one.

Third up Means Magic Coils A brilliant passive which boosts surviveablility AND means more lobsters ;D

Last and probably your Situational spell, Counterpole Basically It swaps buff's in the benefit of your team, there are a lot of buffs which arent affected by it making it near useless.

-------Items Explained-------
Refined Wizard's Cane - Good Easy Mana regen which is what you want also Its not too hard to refine a wizards cane (50% cance) - if your unlucky maybe four tries

Addidas - Mostly for The superior speed if you want to the Speed boots are cheaper

Masters Cane - Okay the +3 int helps with your random extra lobsters and the +3 str gives you more HP :D

Staff of Healing - Brilliand in synergy with your W spell Also when you summon you lobsters

Magical Scimitar - + 6 Int +4 str = +6 Dmg +mana +Hp And a 4 dmg/manaburn bonus ALSO NOTE: This item is entirely optional all It will do is greatly boost killing power if your team intends to fight the boss Get another Refined Wizard's Cane everyone will love actually having mana :D

Refiners -- Refine Everything in order of likelyness to suceed. In order for me I go Addidas, Masters Cane, Staff of healing, Magical scimitar

-------Playing in the team-------
This is a new section I thought I would add to all my guides now :D

Team Fights:
Okay positioning is critical in team fights try to stay out of the range of any melee enemys and Kite the enemy arround your lobsters and or tanks (if possible stand where they will run to). Healing is your number one concern though -- Your team dies its on your head plus your heals are highly spammable so dont sit around "saving" it for when you need it. Let your lobsters initiate the fight (dont be affraid to heal them ;P) as it means that they will eat a few attacks/spells then have your tanks(s) go in and "block" or slow any enemy escape.

Don't be affraid to leave you allies and farm for a bit you're not needed at mid 24/7 also you are great at harrasssing so why not go and kill a few enemies that stray to far from the group. When farming spawn your lobsters on the green camp and go take care of an orange camp means more gold in less time. :D

So this concludes My Conjurer Guide

sentrywiz: Lobster's ulti is not near useless! :p

Author: kevlamin

Okay This is my Golem Build its made for maximum damage output while still retaining the tankish aspectof him

Item sequence
Please note you will pretty much only ever get to the butcher in a 5v5 game
Spirit Edge, Facebuster, Ninja Mask, Butcher, Fiery Mantle, Magical Scimitar

heres a fully built Golem

+ lots of HP
+ High damage (can kill squishy heroes in 3 hits)
+ no need for boots

-VERY expensive
-vunerable to players with a bloodrazor and flaming edge

Start farming here. Farm that spot untill you reach level 3 going back for healing as needed (or the other side if your on the other team)

Once you reach level 3 Farm these spots and you should have around 1.9k gold Note: the hunter will more often than not net you when you run up there so the best thing you can do is throw a boulder at him and take out the low lvl creeps first

When You hit Level 4 use your ult on those creep camps because you can stay there longer doing that. Every so often sneak into teamfights and pop your ult try and get a few kills. From there its up to you how much you farm/fight so try and balance it for maximum gold output. from here you should get your first two or 3 items fairly quickly so long as your team mates aren't "helping" you farm

Skill guide
Okay So start the game with your pasive ability +3 str = more Hp and slightly boosted damage the occasional heal is nice too;
why not your other two? Because you dont need them yet. Sure a stun would be handy but you won't start with the corners or team fights. What about a speed boost that could be handy for escaping? Yes but your speed boost should be used when you want to chase, escape from a team fight, or get people to focus you for that +10% damage they would do. second skill take the boulder just for fun and in case an enemy comes to attack while your farming 3rd well you have to get your speed bost and lastly your ult.

Item Explanations
Spirit Edge: well with your speed up ability the should give you all the movement speed you need along with + 5 damage and the +20% AS + a 10% chance to do a 150% damage crit Why bother with boots??

Facebuster: Okay Well your a strength hero so + 6 damage + a bit of armour from the Agi and a +2 friendly armour aura AND a -2 enemy Armour Aura This is a must have It also helps your pasive heal somewhat when it proc's.

Ninja Mask[/colour]: +4 everything more mana more HP more armour AND another + 4 armour AND a 13% dodge chance need i say more?

Butcher: + 350 Hp and 2% of your Max hp is converted to damage -- This item is where a lot of your damage will come from

Fiery mantle: Okay +5 all stats so again more HP mana and Armour not to mention Damage and on top of that you have perma imolation.

Magical Scimitar: Okay this is the one item thats quite flexible you dont really need the mana or the mana burn you kill people too quickly anyway so you could instead swap it for a god sword or another facebuster to be really overkill on the damage, other options include the magical orb or ring of health for the survivability (not that you should need it) or just leave it open for potions.

Author: kevlamin

Welcome to my Alien Guide let me start by saying that the Alien is Definately NOT a support damage hero, He is a DPS who will cut through enemies in no time...

Right this will losely follow the structure of my Golem Guide (outdated)

-------Item Sequence-------
Adidas, Golden Blade, Ring of mana, Pendant of Healing, Magical Scimitar

I left the last slot empty mainly because game ends by then so if you have enough gold a few items that would work there are -- Ring of Health, Fury Blades, Defender, Potions, Refiners.

Here is my fully built Alien

+Realitevly Cheap and easy
+Heaps of killing power
+Not so squishy later
+Enough mana to keep you spells going
+Be over leveled for the first 10-20 min of the game
+Lots of gold very quickly
-Very squishy early
-Runs out of mana
a lot early

Well you dont really Farm as alien, Instead you are a killing Machine Right from the word GO!
So what do you do? Where do you go? well its simple, most people will farm, so you Anti farm quickly find someone anywhere, Preferably on their own or with one friend (middle is usually a good place) and Prefeably without getting attacked by creeps, right now you are at your squishiest. Go around behind them Use your W skill, somewhere the tentacles are, in range of the enemy, toward where they will run, and out of creep range, attack them, once on red hp if they dont die they will run, give chase and as soon as Tentacles are off CD put em infront of the enemy hero and get the hell out -- you now have first blood. go and heal if need be and repeat, second kill = level 2 level 2 in the first minute it OP. This is also your basic tactic when you get your second skill use that as a finisher, your last skill use it on enemy heroes who are nearly dead, use your A skill on em. That is how you make money

Hint: Target heroes on a killing spree when possible

-------Skilling Guide-------
Start the Game with Tentacles This is how you cause chaos and do mega damage to ignorant heroes and the ones wh fight them.

Second Get Acid wave It is a great finisher and killstealing move does Heaps of damage and is allround a good spell

Third up Means Void Passion Its okay probably your worst spell but it does come in handy every now and then

Last and probably your most handy Alienation It's Pretty much doom 'cept you get a minime who can either heal you, help you get that killstreak higher, or scout your next victim, alternately, all of the above

-------Items Explained-------
Adidas - Good Move speed bonus it will help your passive proc more often too.
Golden Blade - +2 damage is okay i guess but the +15 gold per kill is almost nessacary now and its just handy

Ring of mana - +4 Armour +200 mana = Less squishy more spammable KILLING macine

Pendant of Healing - Hp regen aura make you less squishable and the tiny 7%ms bonus is probably cheaper than Refining the boots...
Magical Scimitar - + 6 Int +4 str = +6 Dmg +mana +Hp And a 4 dmg/manaburn bonus


Author: sentrywiz

Battle Information
Priest. Oh how I enjoy this hero. When you first look at him, his spells look retarded, without context and without sense. He cannot do damage right, or heal right without using too much of him. But he is a killer and a great support especially in 20 kills games.

Hero Information
Lets see why do I urge you to play this hero rather than a straight dps or tank in 20 kills games. First of all let's look at why am I choosing this hero in my guide rather than someone else.
Does it say, it cannot move, attack or cast spells? That's right. It does... and it should be your first pick as a spell.

Where to go?
Now on the other hand, while I said this is your top most spell for assisting and ksing kills off your allies, this hero doesn't have large farming potential. Sure it can creep the camps for few cycles of respawn, but he would be much better suited with his allies, helping them survive and helping them kill. Where to go? Mid map, with your allies.
Do you notice what is happening? Yes, the Phantom got overpowered in damage and he tried to run. No, he TRIED to run, but couldn't walk out of the penalty prison. Well, first blood for us.
Take into account when its the best time to cast your Penalty. As a finisher, this is a good amount of health an enemy is supposed to have in order for you to finish him off with that and one-two auto attacks. Sometimes you will have to use it to lock someone out of a fight, or when fleeing and somebody wants to kill you. Turn around, penalty, keep on running.

What to do?
Spell order, right. Well its pretty much logical, now that I have told you to pick up penalty first. Take the ward as second, passive as third and obviously, ulti as fourth. Now that we have that covered, let's see what items you should be focusing primarily on:
As you can see I am not filthy rich but even if I was, I would still buy Wizard's Cane. What for you ask? Your passive ability gives allies increased mana regeneration. This item gives increased mana regeneration. Both stack. Get where I'm going? With this item, you won't have ANY mana issues. And I bought two Mage Pants for extra 30-40 mana and +2 Intelligence hence penalty's impact damage is Intelligence + 10 and I want the damage a little higher. You can buy 5 Mage Pants if you want, its good as well.

Ganks, teamfights
Right. So, this hero is pretty squishy don't forget that. He usually cannot survive a couple of slows and stuns by two or more dps heroes, so stay away as possible. Here is what you should do, in teamfights or when you are being ganked by enemy team:
2 Enemies - The Engineer and the Beast wanted me dead, and I poped Holy Ward infront of Engineer for the healing effect I get + the Holy Damage dps boost it will do. I started attacking him until he had half health or less. Notice that the Beast got there at that time. I decided to ignore the little bastard and tank his spells and damage and just finish off the Engineer. Once he died, I used penalty and ran, obviously on less than 10% health.
3+ Enemies - This would depend on which 3 heroes you find (or they find you) and what can you do to them. If there are 3 melee heroes, I'd advice putting ward somewhere near yourself and running forth and back, throwing one or two auto attacks in between, just harassing them. Don't engage unless your allies are coming. And save your penalty cooldown, because if one of them slows/stuns you and all 3+ engage, you will be Pudge's Fresh Meat for them. Stay low, retreat if they engage and wait for your allies.
In teamfights, no matter what size they are off, your role are two things: lock and heal. As you can see, the Samurai, Me and Magician versus the Beast, Jailor and Engineer who is off screen at that moment. At that moment hence the Beast was going against the Samurai, I placed the ward and locked him with a penalty. But a very important thing is, if I had seen another enemy hero coming in, I would of locked him instead so the fight would be 3v3 and not turn into a 4v3. Penalty locked the beast, and Samurai charged in with a spinslash. Fresh meat, yeah. We killed the beast, Jailor ate Samurai's ulti and died while Engineer ran away. Typical... but logical.
Mass Prayer as your ulti spell is a highly capability healing spell that heals per second in an area around you. The drawback however is that you have to do only that, hence its a channeling spell. But combined with your other abilities, you will be able to save your team from the most dangerous team combo's to ever sweep through the battlefield of pro war. The guide order for you to do in team fight is:

Throw Holy Ward in middle of the fight > Lock their highest threat hero with Penalty > get in where your allies are and pop ulti

Notice that Pirate in the above picture is under stun and has little to no health. I didn't took the screenshot at best moment, but he started running a second later, I stopped channeling, Penalty the Jailor and ran as well. Both safe, no kills for them.

Here is me sleeping at the fountain knowing that we won the game with flying colors. The item build I managed to get for this game was:
2x Mage Pants; 1x Wizard's Cane; 1x Adidas
And frankly, you don't need anything more than that. However for longer games I would of probably bought Magical Scimitar and Bloodrazor because while spells might be on cooldown, I need some damage for auto attacks hence the Priest isn't really gifted in that area.

19:5 for us.
I thank you for your attention and I hope you learned something.
Till next time...

Author: sentrywiz

Battle Information
Trainer. The top of my dps/support list. Did I mention I am a strange kind of person, I like to play them heroes who are strange like me. Oh well...

Hero Information
Alright now, ready to rock? Why is this my pick. I will show you all, as this guide will be as extensive as... nvm :D ... First of all, let me tell you. He has no stuns, no slows. Alright? I know most of you like to have atleast one stun, one slow and one aoe. Well he has none of those. What he does have is *snare roll*


Yes, he has a pet. And not just a wanna be pet. No sir. His pet actually is different than all the others. You know why? Because the way you build your Trainer, the pet follows. Meaning that, depends if you want to build the Trainer to be an outstanding dps or a tanky-support-dps. You have to pay attention to two things:

If you have more Strength than Agility your pet will be a tank. And if you have more Agility than Strength then it will be a dps pet. Thats not all. Your pet has a different ability, stats and health in his two states. While a dps, he has less health, less armor, more damage, more attack speed and has Doggie Breaks which gives him a 15% chance on attack to stun the target. While when he is a tank, his damage and attack speed are reduced, however he has more armor, health and Doggie Tanks which returns 25% of melee damage back at the attacker.

Where to go?
Since our Trainer isn't gifted in the arts of AOE combat, he has to use his pet as a shield when farming. The senseless bastard! However, this tactic proves success in almost every case. I urge you to do it, even though its evil. Care in mind that when you start, your Agility will be higher than your Strength so your pet will be dps. If you want a tank pet at start, which is kinda great for farming you need to avoid ALL +1 Attributes items. ALL OF EM! Because you won't get better stats if you add +1 to each. You just need Strength and the best way to do it, is buy a few Gladiators.


I didn't go that way, cuz I like my dps pet at start hence he can kill creeps better until dying. Maximum of two spawn rounds, which will fetch you around 400-500 gold.

What to do?

This is how I start the items build. I first take a Bastard Sword and next get a normal Boot. You need to understand that 100% of your damage will come from auto-attacks. Yours and your pet's. Especially if you play your pet as a dps, this item is a must cuz early game 10% of your damage may only be 2-3 but late game it will be 5-6. And your pet's damage will be increased by 2. Don't underestimate bonus 2 damage, as it means 2 less health from an enemy per hit. Five hits and he has lost 10 extra health. Let me say this so that you don't forget it:


Your spells don't do damage. No, they don't do ANY kind of damage.

What to do?
For now I'm sure you thought what is your game style and how you want your pet to be. Now let's consider what your other abilities are:


20% more attack and move speed for everyone around? SOLD! Grab this and think less, because your other two spells are snares. You can grab your 1st spell if you think better, but at level 2, your aura is of more worth. Wanna know why? See below.

Ganks, teamfights
Squishy? No, not really. Even if you don't buy anything tanky, like armor, strength or health you are still a hard target to tackle, alone and more with your pet. You can handle 2-3 targets even, without too much trouble. Not saying you will outright kill them, but they will suffer a lot before IF EVER catching and killing you.


2 Enemies - Phantom and Shaman. Tough bunch, as I am facing a burster that can bring me down to my knees in roughly 4-5 seconds and a disable healer. But fear not as you have your own Doggie to play fetch with them. Summon your pet and let it engage in combat first. This is the important part about this, so read this twice:
Let them NUKE your pet with their abilities and stay, kite them from range. They will blow their cooldowns as your pet can stun and deals outright silly but dangerous damage to them.


And if your pet is a tank, he will eat more of their ulti's and disables than you would, so if you don't die its all good.


And done. NEXT!

Teamfights - This is your favorite play ground. You get to release your hound on them, shoot from range and snare them when they run. Your first spell will snare them, just like Hunter's spell only yours lasts more. And with your ulti, you can put an enemy to sleep so he won't bother you for a couple of seconds. What is your combo:

Sleep the dangerous target (careful you can't attack or cast spells on him) -> Summon your pet and start hitting your target -> Snare when he runs and finish him off

I am sorry, but it seems I didn't hit the print screen button more often than I should have, as I lack a team fight pix. I might update it later. However, lets focus on how to build the Trainer item wise:


This is my continuation to the build above. I bought 1 Gladiator and one Steel Sword once I hit level 4. Why you might say? Because at level 4 your Agility is same as your Strength so the gladiator acts as a point booster as now my pet gets to be tanky. In team fights, I chose to get a tankier pet that can survive longer and harass my opponents, especially the melee ones. The steel sword is what I needed, as both agility and strength are good for me, especially now since my strength is higher.


At the end of the game, well with 3 kills remaining left this is how my overall item build looked like:

At some point, I bought Facebuster as my core build item. Later on, the final item I could of afford was Pendant of Healing and if I had been playing in 80 I would of sold gladiator and bought Spirit Edge and eventually if money concludes Adidas instead of the normal boot.

The key tactic in my item build was to make me tanky, my pet more endurable and make US both, hard to kill. There are plenty of support items you can get, but I would avoid Staff of Healing because you don't spam spells so often and the extra mana won't do you much good, cuz you will see that you don't even spend the mana you have. The only item I would buy in tough consideration if I would of played with a dps pet would be Bloodlust. An aura lifesteal for melee? Sure I would gain nothing from it, but my pet would. 13% per hit made is lot, and gives survivability.

Here is how the overall item build affected my pet, with bonus stuff:
-10% increased damage [Bastard Sword]
-20% increased move attack speed [Passive]
-7% increased move speed +3 hitpoint regeneration [Pendant of Healing]
-+2 armor [Facebuster]

27% move speed, +3 health regen, 20% attack speed, 2 armor, 10% damage. Hard to kill? Oh yeah.

I thank you for your attention, and hopefully I had taught you something. If not, well atleast you read something and killed some time :D

Bonus Trick
Whenever you have your pet summoned but yourself are on low health, leave and don't take the pet with you. Lock him onto the target. This works only for dps pet as the 15% chance to stun might give you a surprise kill, once your pet catches on a low health enemy. Like this:

Author: sentrywiz

Battle Information
Ninja. Anyone ever played League of Legends? Then you know from where I stole the name, characteristics and the hero's ultimate. Thas rayt! Is da SHEN, one of the ninjas there and the one tank who's ulti turns the tables in teamfights big times. I just had to use whatever knowledge I had and make this char, only using my own ideas for the rest of his spells.

Hero Information
This is the favorite tank support, among players and bots as well. Yes, bots use him to the max, both offensive and defensive. He has it all to be able to save allies, gank enemies and hurt the other team badly.
Knives. You can't win without em. You wanna know why? This should be your first spell to pick and even though your first spell is a disable with a mana return ratio, on what are you gonna spend that mana?

Knife Spree is an instant AoE low damage spamming spell. Its godlike for farming, for harrasing and even for killing. With its cooldown of only 6 seconds and mana cost of 20, you can spam this spell for the rest of time. No extra mana needed for this champion, because the combination of your Magic Trap which returns random mana and this spell, you will extinguish your enemies fast, even though it seems like little damage.

We are gonna start farming. This is how you play da ninja, and you will keep doing it until you gather 1025 gold, to buy ->


This is a must. The ninja was born to farm heavy and support his team mates. For this you need gold, tons of it. And in 80 kills games, you need all the bonus gold you can get your ninja hands on.

Where to go?
If your on Army of Fools team, visit the middle top team, and start farming until you get around level 2 with half experience to level 3. That's usually the time you gather the 1025 gold amount, considering IF you are not interrupted by allies and they steal some of your farm gold. If however you are on Jester Crusade team, then visit the bottom mid spawn and apply the same tactics.

Once you buy the item and you get level 2 or 3, start aiding your allies in battle. Your not level 4 yet but you can totally tank and disable, gifting some kills for your team.


Auto attacks do a viable amount of your total damage, however do not forget to kite and get close enough to blast them with knife spree. Extra 30 damage is still an extra 30 damage. Once they get on low health, Magic Trap will do the trick as it does random damage and disables the target for 2 seconds.


When your allies are into trouble or a team fight has emerged, run and disable their squishiest target, this is usually their burst dps or support dps. Spam knife spree around and if you have your passive, Ninjitsu the bonus movement speed will allow you to catch any low health enemy trying to get away. Even with just auto attacks its enough if you have the 1st spell on cooldown.

What to do?
Knife Spree (1) - Magic Trap (2) - Ninjitsu (3) - Super Ninja Shield (4)

This is your spell order. You may change it to your needs, however since you are reading this guide, you should follow it. Once you hit level 4, this is where the real pain begins and your allies have hardly waited for this moment:


Super Ninja Shield is like Shen's in league of legends, only back when I thought about this ability I couldn't make an absorption shield so I thought "Ok, I'll make it a heal and it should be atleast half good"... ITS 10X BETTER! Let's take the numbers:

It heals an ally and the Ninja for Intelligence x 6 + 50. If your Intelligence is like 20, which is high tier for this hero, you will heal 20 x 6 + 50 = 120 + 50 = 170! If you somehow gather 30 Intelligence, then the heal would be 180 + 50 = 230! That kind of a dual heal is wicked sick, not to mention that you can cast your spell from anywhere.

The only drawback from this spell is that sometimes the channeling time of 2.5 seconds is too much for tight situation and your target may die, in which case your spell will be canceled. There are also two akward bugs with the spell, which I am aware of but cannot fix in GUI. Maybe in JASS, but I don't know jass, so be aware of them:

-Sometimes the spell will be cast and the cooldown will be instantly replenished (unfair, but happends)
-Sometimes at split second if your target dies and is revived at the base you will still cast the spell and not cancel it, wasting it for nothing (unless you had a very low health)

Ganks, teamfights
Shen is a bastard. He can disable, spam aoe damage, run like hell and most importantly... he doesn't need to be in range when a team fight happends. He will just appear out of nowhere, heal the most critical subject, and cause havoc. REAL CHAOS! Don't believe me? Check this out:


At the moment of Druid's health reaching like 15%.


After the heal. Pure ownage. Its what one massive heal, disable, little aoe support can do in tight spots.

More examples of how your ulti can be used.


To save an ally from too much damage via farming. This usually happens once in a while, where the team's most valued dps gets a bad start, little to no items and attempts to solo the big spawns. You can insure he survives the carnage and get back to base with a little more gold in his pocket.


A surprise assault on the enemy. An 1v1 or an 1v2 that could easily turn into 2v1 or 2v2. Anyone playing against the Ninja should bare in mind that once they see him level 4, he is capable of causing scourge like that. Two dpses fisting each other's faces for who does more damage in short amount of time and then one gets healed. Bai bai.


Facing enemies on low health. Usually you will be able to outrun them, but if you feel that one-two spells from them and your toast, you can random pick an ally and teleport back, healing yourself and him and getting away. Usually the best escape mechanic in the game


In this game round of 80 kills I managed to get my core build and buy the following items:
1x Adidas;1x Golden Blade;1x Pendant of Healing;1x Master's Cane;1x Spirit Edge


What is the core build? Your focusing on being an ambulance truck that can save anyone and hit burst low health squishy enemies while keeping some of your tankiness. The core build revolves around move speed. You gain lots with the items, and you move XTREMELY FAST, 2 fast for anyone to catch you. The only thing that can stop you is stun>stun>STUN!

-13% movement speed [Passive]
-65% movement speed [Adidas]
-7% movement speed [Pendant of Healing]
-15% movement speed [Spirit Edge]

I am partially drunk so I might have mistyped or thought wrongz about some percentage :D

However you do gather around 100% bonus move speed. With Master's Cane you gain health, strength damage, intelligence for your ulti and extra mana. Spirit Edge gives you and your allies mobility while you retain doing extra damage with occasional crit, which is great since your auto attack doesn't do too much damage.

I didn't buy a last item. You can actually choose ANYTHING you want, all will work fine. I especially recommend Fiery Mantle as your best pick, hence with it you will be fast, furious, unpredictable and gain +5 stats, 20% reduced magic damage and constant burning aura, that will overall increase your dps. The only reason I didn't buy this first is because I wanted more mobility, and to be able to get away at 30 health from a team of angry enemies is no joke.

Thank you for your attention! Till next time...

Your guide

Have a guide, tactic, build, information on your mind? PM me with the context for a review and if it fits, it will be posted here. For custom hero guides, item builds the following points should be covered for a maximum context proficiency:

* - Pros and cons (elaborating how your guide/build is good and bad in both ways)
* - Screenshots (atleast 1-2 to give image view to crucial points of your build like: where to farm, where to gank etc)
* - Stages (early game stage; mid game stage; late game stage; Of course, these are just examples)
* - Final remarks (summary on how the hero build should look like, what items need to be bough, skill used in what order, where etc)
* - Additional points for #item build explanation #skill build explanation #teamplay explantion (if your guide is on team play)
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