Predator 3.6

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Survive for twenty mintutes against an invisible alien hunter!

Predator 3.6 (Map)

Level 1
Feb 9, 2006
Lol i know this doesnt have anything to do with this map but please work on your aliens map its a good idea and id like you see you go further with it. !FOR THIS MAP! lol kickass i had loads of fun hunting humans, and hearing them scream WTF WAS THAT lol great map.
Level 2
Oct 5, 2007
You ruined a perfectly good map. The REAL map you start in the top left corner and actualy have quests. If anyone knows where to get the REAL map let me know becasue i reinstalled windows and in my serch for a awsome classic map i found this piece of shit rip off i made this account just to let you people know. When i dl it from my brother ill post it here so you can see the REAL map, and how much it kicks ass.