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Jul 7, 2008
So, I've been playing Vanguard lately and i've gotten a lot of RP ideas. Vanguard is when Sony Online tries to make WoW, and its actually very fun and good. Its lore is pretty interesting too and its enviroment and world is MUCH bigger than WoWs. Only downside is that you need a good computer because the graphics are very good. It's an underrated game, but its great, anyways on with the story.

The Continents

Thogram (Easternmost continent) Done.

Lathenol (East, very close to Thogram and is much smaller) Done.

Krohun (Large Western Continent) Under Construction.

Qalia (south of Krohun) Not Done

Thestron (Northernmost Continent) Not Done

Everything else has been long lost or undiscovered.

There are a large variety of races, mainly inspired from many different sources I've encountered.

Thogram, a prosperous land and the most important continent and center of attention in the world. Though not as war torn as Krohan, its war is devastating. Its economy is very diverse depending on which races. It is the most prosperous continent.

Non-Hostile Thogram Races

The Thogram Humans: Even without a special edge such as the sturdiness of the Dwarves, the cunning of the elves, and the strength of the Half Giants, the Thogram humans are the most influencial race in Thogram and are the most commom. Their capital is Tagonor and their two other biggest cities are Staton, a port city, and New Dronlan, a city in the mountains which borders the dwarves. The King of the Thogram Humans and the ruler of Thogram is King Lenoth II

The Dwarves: A sturdy race originating from an unknown earthen race deep within Thogram. Looked upon as grumpy and rude by other races, they are actually very nice with a great sense of humor and are very loyal to their allies and friends. They live within the very easily defendable eastern mountainside, with New Dronlan covering their eastern mountain exit. Their capital is Balidur, a large city in the mountain, and their largest economic city is Mountainforge were 70% of all Dwarven goods are exported. Their leader is High Thane Kugorn

The Vroguns: The Vroguns, or Barbarians, are half blooded races from Half Giants and Humans. The Barbarians have the charisma and influence of the Thogram humans and also the strength and power of the Half Giants. They are not as big as their Half Giant parents but are definently larger and stronger than their human parents. Their capital is Halgorad shared with the Half Giants in the western mountainsides and highlands. The Vroguns and Half Giants are known for their sturdy ships, the only ships in the world to rival those of the savage orcs. Their main port city is Kergrod. The Vroguns and Half Giants and led by High Thane Ogardin.

The Half Giants: The children of the legendary Giant King, Grokkun. It was said he was so powerful he could create a new race which became weaker versions of himself. Eventually they sailed distant lands all the way to Thogram and very few Half Giants still remain in their homeland, Lathenol. Though they do not have the full power and size of their father, they are the second largest natural race to Thogram besides the Mountain Trolls and could engage in hours with one in a wrestling match. They share their land with their gladly accepted children, the Vroguns. The Vroguns and Half Giants and led by High Thane Ogardin.

The High Elves: Hailing from their beautiful city of Mas'Quelan, the Elven society surrounds beauty. Most of elven royalty are full of themselves and selfish. Though the other of their race are very kind. The elves have some of the most beautiful wares in all the world. They also posess some of the strongest magic in the world. They are currently in the front lines against the undead with aid of the humans. They are lead by Arcanelord Valus

Halflings: Also known as Hobbits live in the western Highlands very close to the Half Giants and Vroguns. They use to be one race known as Dogots on Krohun. Though, during the Great Ogre Civil War, the Dogots were caught in the middle of the war. The race fled and split up into three races, the Halflings, or hobbits, the Gnomes, and the Konots. The Halflings went to Thogram, the Gnomes when to Qalia, and the Konots went to Lathenol and later back to Krohun. Unlike their Gnomish and Konot brothers, the hobbits specialize in swords and are quite good at them and are good at dodging enemies with their size. The Halfling Capital is Rivershire. They are led by King Moti.

Hostile Races

The Undead: Some undead are results of reckless experiments, but a large percentage are under the orginization called the Cartheon. A vengeful sorcerer kicked from the Mas'Quelan Academy of the Magic Arts, he swore he would return. After years of delving into the forbidden arts, he raised a devastating army and destroyed the elven city of Tas'Alen. His land extends from the northern mountainside bordering the High Elven land and even extending to nearly the western highlands and mountainsides. They are led by the same sorcerer to this date, Turalius the Vengeful.

The Mountain Trolls: A large race which are said to originate from the same species as the dwarves, but evolved into much larger creatures and retained some of their stony skin. The Mountain Trolls are usually looked upon as stupid creatures, but are actually very smart and share the architectural gift their presumed dwarven brothers do. Their capital is a huge fortress city called Og'narosh and has only two entrances. One entrance is a one-way exit through a secret tunnel, making it one of the strongest and most easily defendable fortresses and cities in all of Thogram and possibly the world. Most of them wear no armor due to their natural hard skin but some high-ranking Mountain Trolls wear armor to show authority. Their king is Mountain King Zernoth.

Swamp Trolls: When a group of Mountain Trolls journeyed southwest to the large swamps, they never returned. Presumed dead the Mountain Trolls never went there again. After thousands of years the Mountain Trolls who ventured there actually did survive and created a whole civilization. After much evolution and adaptation the Trolls began being able to sustain vegatation on their flesh, providing camouflage in their enviroment. Though this has come with the price of the loss of their hard stony flesh. They are less hostile than their Mountain Troll brothers and have been known to commune, aid, and trade with humans. Their capital is Bogarius and they are lead by Swamp King Turok.

Thogram Ogres: During the end of the Great Ogre Civil War, the Gormok and Kurok clans remained. They battled for three years untill the Gormok became victorious. The Kurok surviviors, led by Mogor the Brave, a future ogre hero, sailed to Thogram into the future Rokan Forests, a very rocky forest. At the time it was the "territory" of an evil conjurer, Noramis. He used the Forest to conjure Rock Golems and Treants to terrorize nearby towns. When the ogres settled here, Noramis began attacking them. Sick of the attacks, Mogor encountered Noramis and demanded he stopped. Noramis said if he could defeat his strongest golem, Noramis would leave. The Golem was huge and was nearly four times Mogor's size. Mogor fought valiantly for many hours and suffered many blows which would of been fatal and killed him if it werent for his determination. With all his remaining strength, he picked up his war axe and cried to the God of War shared by the Orcs, Ogres, and Goblins, Ghalnn. Ghalnn heard his cry and renewed his strength and Mogor jumped into the air and sliced down, destroying the golem in his wake. In fear, Noramis ran away. Eventually the Ogre Society grew and they split into two tribes, the Kurok, the original, and the Toronoth. The Toronoth moved more inland and became enemies with the humans and the Kurok and became very strong very fast, while the Kurok still remain neutral unless attacked in their city near the remains of the golems still existing today. The Kurok and Toronoth are at constant battle and the skirmishes are at a stalemate. Their city is Kurokosh Mound and they are led by King Gomash, the descendant of Mogor. The Thogram Ogres are known to have lighter skin and are less heavy than their Krohun relatives.

The Forest Beings: Not so much a hostile race but more of the keepers of the forest. Made by the great gods long ago, they were made to keep the balance of life and death and nature. They consist of treants, ancients, and elemental spawns. They are led by Treebeard the Wise who is possibly the oldest thing in the world.

The Defilers: A mystical race similar to the High Elves except dark and twisted. Their origins are unknown and their magic is as well. The little of their magic that is known are forbidden arts. It is rumored the Defilers were mages who overused the forbidden arts and horribly mutated. They have black carapace-like skin with gleaming eyes which vary from white to black. They wear hoods and robes which cover their bodies. When the robes are opened, a wave of carrion is sent out and the robes are closed before you can see the horrors underneath. Their faces resemble of a spider with large pincers extending out which rip out of their hoods. Their language is beyond mortal comprehension but they speak fluent common. They are allies with the Undead in the Cartheon and have their own leader, Grand Defiler Ku'shan'leeb'anuk (mortal interpretation, his real name is in their language). They are nomads and only have small encampments or share bases with the undead.

Thogram Nations
The Thogram Alliance (Dwarves, Humans, Vroguns, Half Giants, High Elves, Halflings)
The Cartheon (Undead, Defilers)
The Trolls (Mountain Trolls, Swamp Trolls. Weak Alliance, they help eachother but have seperate politics and such)
The Kurok Ogres (Kurok Clan Thogram Ogres)
The Toronath Ogres (Toronath Clan Thogram Ogres)

Lathenol, a small continent east of Thogram which 60% of its economy revolves around fishing, thus making it have many port cities. 25% is mostly their quarrying for valuable metals, stones, and ores. It is the home of the Giants, original home of the Half Giants, and home of the Konots. It is the most peaceful continent, though there is much gang wars and crime.

Non-Hostile Lathenol Races

The Giants: A powerful race and creators of the Half Giants by King Grokkun. Lathenol is a small continent and has very few races on it, thus making each of them very prosperous. 80% of Lathenol's economy is derived from their fishing and port cities. The Giants build their cities in Lathenol's high mountains were they carve caves within the very mountains. Some of the worlds oldest halls are in Lathenol and it is very peaceful. Their current king is King Grumt and their capital is Bolgraden, a huge city carved into the highest mountain on Lathenol, Dugronded.

The Konots: A small race like their Gnomish and Halfling brothers, the Konots are hunters. They share cities with the Giants since they take up so much little room in their vast cities. The Konots and Giants have become good friends and they trade often. The Konots are led by Great Hunter Nukat.

Lathenol Half Giants: Some Half Giants remained in Lathenol and created their own civilization. Their capital is very close to Bolgraden and is named Hustron, after their first High Thane. Their society is much like the Half Giants of Thogram. Their current High Thane is Mokun.

Hostile Lathenol Races

The Bandit Lords: Though Lathenol is very peaceful and has no huge threats like Thogram's undead, they do have many large bandit orginizations. The Bandits have a large orginization led by the seven Bandit Lords and one supreme Bandit King. The Bandits are at a constant rivalry with the Oglosh Gang and the Raiders and are always fighting them. Their main base is the crime-filled Half Giant city of Nugrolk were the 7 Bandit Lords and the Bandit King reside. Their current king is Akrung.

The Raiders: An orginization of mounted bandit-like warriors. They are at a constant rivalry with the Oglosh Gang and the Bandit Lords and are always fighting them. The raiders like to pillage treasure from small villages and bathe in wealth. They have no main base and have large camps scattered across Lathenol. They are led by Raiderlord Hulgron.

The Oglosh Gang: A large group of orcs which landed on the shores of Lathenol during an exploration quest. They decided to stay and formed the city of Grunnok. The entire city is owned by the Oglosh Gang and they are at constant battling and rivalry with the Raiders and the Bandit Lords. They are led by Lord Kungroth.

Lathenol Nations
The Oglosh Gang (Oglosh Gang)
The Raiders (The Raiders)
The Bandit Lords (The Bandit Lords)
The Highlander Union (Giants, Konots, Half Giants)

Krohun is a very beautiful continent, though ironically it is war-torn and the most dangerous continent. It is the homeland and base of some of the most savage races and houses some of the most evil creatures. Though its inhabitants are very nice and their army is very powerful.

The Orcs: Orcs are vicious, savage, viking-like, and destructive, though they are still very trustworthy is befriended and believe in justice and honesty. They have powerful ships only rivaled by the Vroguns in their viking-like lust for exploration. If it werent for all the corruption within and the weak Warchief and the civil war, the orcs would of conquered the world by now. The two tribes of orcs, the Martok and Gurglethor, have been at war for many years every since the Great Orcish Civil Wars were they were the last two. Though recently everything has gone against the Martok, the justice-believing orcs, and the Gurglethor, the rotten and dirty cheaters, have the winning side. The Martok's Warchief is corrupt and only believes in his own wealth and power. Though the High Walord, right hand of the Warchief, who should of became Warchief, is planning an assination who little will oppose. With the new Warchief to rule with an iron hand, the Martok will surely win the Civil War, but recently the Gurglethor have been very suspicious and there has been sitings of undead in Krohun...

Goblins: The cousins of the orcs, the Goblins are smaller and weaker and less savage but much smarter. Some goblins are experienced wielders of magic and others are brilliant inventors. They do not share the honesty and justice morale codes the Martok orcs do and are very devious. Any other race besides an Orc should not trust them.

The Krohan Humans: The second most populous race on Krohun besides the orcs and goblins. If the orcs were not in their own civil war, the Krohun humans might of been wiped out by now. The Krohun humans are a rich cultural race with a unique architecture and clothing. They prefer simple lives of farmers and have a very strong army due to their special soldier training which has never been seen or heard but is apparently very affective.

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I do like this though some detail and more organization I would like but that's probably just me also one question what possible storyline we talking about like Wc3 game storyline or text RP storyline?