Portrait fix request

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Jul 26, 2008
Hi guys, I was just wondering if anyone had the time to fix a portrait for me :p
The model itself was a request by Craka_j for his WoW warcraft 3 project, and since it was never finished the requested models were never polished. The original author was wugiboy.

The priority for this request is very low, since I do not really mind if not everything is perfect for a map. I only come here because it is the first playable map in my series, (two cinematics already released), and the perfectionist in me is sad that there will be just a blank area for rexxar's portrait for most of the game.

Like i said it is very low priority, and since everything in the map is already finished i will release it in the next two days anyway (finishing balance testing now).

On my album link you can see screenshots of it working (it seems to be fine for opening cinematics, but then everything after that (gameplay + cinematics) it is showing black/nothing most of the time.

Beyond the Dark Portal | HIVE

Have a nice day!


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Level 5
May 25, 2009
That isn't much of a problem, for you as well.
(Magos) Model Editor -> load model and zoom in till you like your view -> Camera Manager -> create new from current view -> name it "Camera01"
Aaand your model got a portrait. A perfect portrait would have background etc., but mostly this is enough.


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