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Pokemonium, a Pokemon MMO

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Pokemonium is quite an impressive MMO, based on what i heard, on "NeoDex" or something like that.

The game basically allows you to start off with any starter pokemon:

As well as male, female, and regions. (Currently Kanto and Johto are available.)


The original currency is used, and there are some MMO features, such as the guy on the top right on the image above, which you can pay 500P and change your sprite, and not to mention that the nurse heals your pokemon instantly.


A players has 4 stats, Trainer, Breeding, Fishing and Corrdinating(mispell?). Currently only the first one is available, I think.

The game has removed HMs from what I believe. Instead, a better system is used:

Though i am not sure about surf.

Moving on, the game has a difference from the handheld games.
Trainers won't give your pokemon XP, but give YOU trainer XP. The only way to level up your pokemon are grass patches. This is done so that the game emphasizes grinding.





Though, the downside of this game is that the developer is from, well, Panama, and the servers are supported by donations which provide poor gameplay due to lag.

That's my review, ask me questions and give your opinion freely!
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