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Players and Groups

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Level 4
May 15, 2010
As many of other people here, i mostly still have wc3 just for gaias, and a few other rpg.

Recently i went back to garena and gaias, more than 1 year without playing any wc3 game, and pretty much starting gaias chars from zero again just for the fun of it and to understand better the new talent system (i've saw the thread about the stats points and i few this new system is better as stated by Zwie. Also, i've found that garena is less frequented with each passing day, i can remember the time that war3 rpg had like 400k people, now it averages 20k - 30k and it has been pretty hard to find games / people

Well, i've made this thread just because the other threads about players / groups are out of date and i just want to gather players to play some games but mostly the best orpg ever that is gaias.

Garena - ryusora

Gather around old friends, galactus, jumbo, femoika and many others

Sorry if this thread is just a copy of a existing one, but i just think we need some new reunion to get the party going
Level 14
Jun 22, 2007
Yes it is sad about Garena. Ever since they removed hosting for my region I have used it far, far less.

Garena - Jombu

Battlenet: Jombu (on East, West, Europe)

Everyone should play through US West because that's where the hostbots and the clan for Gaias are.

Clan name (on US West): Clan ORPG
(everyone can join the clan channel, also non-members).
Level 10
Nov 20, 2005
S0ulseeker @USWest on battle.net.

I'm the one who runs Clan ORPG. Thanks for bringing awareness to it Jumbo :] It's usually a great place to find games (whenever a new version is around and people are active).
Level 8
Oct 2, 2011
ez's Garena group is generally the best place to find gaias players. ID 166240. The bots are on all realms (type /whois gaiashostbot for low level games or /whois gaiasdungeon for high level games) and garena (albania room) so you don't need to go to US West specifically, and that clan is pretty dead. However, theres always a remote chance that there'll be a member online so you may aswell join it too, just so you have that extra place to ask for players.

In summation, join garena group ID 166240. Join Clan ORPG on battle.net US West. Ask for players in the group and clan then join the bot.

It is always better to join a community than try to track down individual players.
Level 1
Aug 2, 2015
(everyone can join the clan channel, also non-members).

Wishing this statement were still true. I've attempted to join Clan ORPG's channel on multiple occasions and been denied by the Restricted channel message. I just really want to get into this game again, but finding a steady group of people to enjoy it with is nearly impossible.
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