Plants vs Zombies TD Recruiting

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Level 9
Apr 23, 2011
Hello. I'm a fairly newish Wc3 map developer, but I'm working on a project and I need some people to help me with it. I'm in real need of Modelers and possibly a few Coders, Gui, Jass or otherwise, simply because the systems that need to be created for this map to play like PvZ are REALLY tough, especially to make it fit 3 games modes and be efficient. If you're interested, comment below or PM me. If you want more information about the map, please read to learn about what I'm doing with the map, and where it is now. If you're a modeler, odds are you're not going to be doing buildings, maybe 1 or 2, we are really focusing on units. Thankyou.

Currently Have
Coders: |1-2|
Modelers: | 0 |
Terrain: | 1 | (Not really needed, I have terrain done.)
Unit Creators: | 1 |
Coders: |1-3|
Modelers |1-4|
Terrain | 0 |
Unit Creators |1-3|
Level 3
Jul 12, 2011
I posted in your ideas thread.

Please read what I posted in your ideas thread since I wrote a whole lot, and included some screenshots of some PvZ models in my test map. Once I receive any reply from you, I will send you my test map.

Anyways, to make it clear, I am applying for Coder / All-round helper. I do have 5+ years of GUI knowledge and some JASS too.

EDIT: I think we'll be able to take this game pretty far, anyone interested in seeing some screenshots check my album. So yeah Khamarr reply fast recruit me please.

SCREENSHOTS --> Click me :)
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