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Last Activity:
Feb 25, 2018 at 1:37 PM
Jul 1, 2012


Messing around

icewolf055 was last seen:
Viewing Portal, Feb 25, 2018 at 1:37 PM
    1. stonneash
      Hey man! you're back?
      1. icewolf055
        Ah, hi there.

        Im just working on some ideas that i left off long ago in my free time. ^^
        Oct 26, 2017
      2. stonneash
        What are you up to these days?
        Oct 26, 2017
      3. icewolf055
        Ah sorry for the late reply, iv just been studying and practicing and playing some games sometimes :D
        Nov 10, 2017
    2. Unregret
      Hello, we need to talk
    3. NightStalker
      Hmm, then its nice for me :D okay then thx so much for your answers and your time ill send a screenshot if i can put my model into the game
    4. NightStalker
      Well here's a massive thanks for you :D

      I like the model so much btw!
      But is Warcraft 3 capable of using this model? It has 1239 vertices and 2551 edges. Im asking bcz I dont know war3's limits.
    5. NightStalker
      Hmm i hope ill find plugins for blender, i know there is for 3ds max but ive never heard for blender or maya :'(
    6. NightStalker
      Will check it when at home! Its made for wc3 right? Thanks so much!
    7. NightStalker
      Okay I will be waiting thanks! Later :p
    8. NightStalker
      Thanks so much! You can send me any model u want, I just need it to be made for warcraft 3. Okay I'll use the existing animations right now. I also have photoshop too then I'll have no problems with that ! Thx again!
    9. NightStalker
      That would be awesome! I've mistaken the workspace with Blender's :D Animations are my second problem which I'll have struggle with after the model creation :D Do you texture the model in 3ds max too or do you use some other programs?
    10. NightStalker
      Hey icewolf, i saw that youre making the models in blender, i was going to ask if you could send me one of your finished or ubfinished models for war3 so i can view it?

      I am trying to make a model for the contest as well but im not used to work on low poly characters, it would be a nice tutorial for me if u could do that. I dont have much hope that i can finish anything until the deadline for the contest but ill learn a few things
    11. Wisdom
    12. Love Seeker
      Love Seeker
      Hey. Can you help me on a model?
    13. Stefan.K
      Hi. Did you checked that model of yours?
    14. Stefan.K
      The model is Sphinx Rider, something like that. I think it looks great and thought you send it to me, if u dont want to its okay, i'll not bother you.
    15. Flux
      Well ok good luck! Your Dota 2 Effects are really great. Im planning to use the remastered Shadowraze Effect for my upcoming map but of course giving you credits.

      Also, why are your resources not here in hive? Is it prohibited here in hive?
    16. Stefan.K
      Hi therec do you still have your modelbfrom 25 modelling contest?
    17. Flux
      Hey are you the icewolf that makes dota 2 HQ effects? If yes, good job and let me just ask if you are still working on that?
    18. chobibo
      Awesome Yian Kut-Ku you made there.
    19. kamyflex
      its still in Beta phase althought ^^
    20. kamyflex
      Hi ! thats awsome :) i'm making a new Mod for warcraft 3, the idea is an AoS with heroes from warcraft, DotA, League of Legends and more, in the future it will have a campaigne and an HQ graphics mode. it already has an updater for local files and for the maps, so maps that will join this project will have an auto update and more ressources (local files) both in low quality and high quality (as the user chooses in the settings).

      here is the link for the website : www.getrit.webs.com
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    Jazz music while modelling :D
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