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Plague Eruptor WIP

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Level 31
Jul 7, 2008
this is my model for a plague eruptor so far, for those who do not know what a plague eruptor is they are new horribly mutated creations of the scourge in WoW, link for more info is here

here are screenshots of what is done so far




i know it looks very strange, that is because the skin has not been made yet and atm it just looks like a jumble of random units.

please give ideas, constructive criticism, and comments :)!


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Level 31
Jul 7, 2008
It still does not change the fact that all you did on the MODEL itself was to replace Druid of the Claw's head with an abomination head. You have to do more changed on the model itself. Just switching\making a texture isn't enough.

you STILL didn't look carefully at the thread, i also added tentacles on his back. in all, i did:

opened druid of the claw model
deleted head without trying to delete body (pain)
delete druid of the claws claws
made loincloth thinner
made his boots thinner so they'll look like feet in the actual skin
opened an abominaiton model
removed everything from abomination model besides head
merged the abomination head geoset to druid of the claw
after like 5 attempts i finally got the right bone to connect the head to
i then edited the torso and arms a bit to look larger
i then got out two tentacle models from the forgotten one
merged the geosets
bent the tentacles (which was a pain)
get them to the right place of the druid of the claw
attach them to the right bone
i also made the stomach wider to look like a "bubble", you can't see that one though because it's only noticeable sideways.

just because it looks simple dosn't mean it was :/
i also DID ask for constructive criticism, not someone to bash me down.
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