[Picture] The Alliance, Brotherhood, and Demons Oh my! The Captain ducked as the axe reached toward

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May 3, 2009
The Alliance, Brotherhood, and Demons Oh my!
The Captain ducked as the axe reached towards his head. The Alliance Soldier cursed as he tried to hit the Captain. The Captain as if in a dance evaded all of the blows of his attacker, and swiftly parried any blow that might harm him. The Captain for one moment slipped. The Alliance Soldier took his chance, but the captain had planned for this and bashed the Alliance Soldier in the face with his shield, and cut his head from his shoulders. The captain stood on the body of the Alliance soldier who was twice his own size.
The Brotherhood Companies formed around their victorious Captain and started to slaughter the Alliance Soldiers, all of which bore markings of the Great City of Darkness.
The Captain yelled at the top of his lungs. "Brothers! In the Distance is the Great City of Darkness! Let us burn it to the ground! And take the civilains and unwash them of their evils!"
The brotherhood soldiers Cheered and started to speak their famous words. "We are the blades, We walk on the side of good, nor evil, we die and fight for humanity, and we shall be victorious in our struggle against the enemies of humanity! Nigh! We shall stand against darkness, death, evil, plague and all the world may throw at us, but we shall forever prevail! For we are the Brotherhood of the Sword! Defenders of Humanity till the end!"
The brotherhood companies roared and chanted this as they prepared themselves for an orderly assault.
The Brotherhood stood in orderly fashion as Lord Keltizifiel and Lord Bahram walked down to see the brotherhood ready to fight back the Alliance and to finish its Oath.
Lord Bahram spoke loudly. "Brothers! We will fufill our oath! And we shall destroy the last Great City! The Great City of Darkness! The True Evil of the Alliance! They rot in that desecrated city. But our small mage team of ex-Alliance Mages have devised a spell quickly to ensure us the ability to enter the Great City of Darkness with no harm. Once this is done. The Brotherhood will disband the Raiders. (Some men shout in the distance disagreeing with Lord Bahram's decision.) The Reason for this My friends is that we now have enough to supply ourselves! Let us become a Order of Light! Let us be rid of the Raiders! So that the Brotherhood will one day serve the light once again!"
The Brotherhood soldiers roared with agreement.
Kelitizfiel Nodded. "About time."
Few days later....
The brotherhood saw the Alliance Bastion of power and slaughtered the Alliance guards protecting the front gate. The Alliance soldiers fought against a tide of angry and benevolent Brotherhood Force. Each Brotherhood member slaughtered his way through the Alliance forces with relative ease. As being trained in all manners of war gave them an edge against the Alliance, cracked regime of training.
The City of Darkness burned, even though its name suggested otherwise, Alliance Soldiers were cut where they stood and wept as they saw their mistake in reappearing. The Brotherhood Templars and Newly made Doom Warriors walked through the Alliance soldiers unheeded as they blew away anyone foolish enough to get in their way. The Brotherhood cut its way through the Alliance forces until they finally reached the Centre of the Alliance Great city. Up on Great Cities Center building's stair case stood a Death Knight, he spun his deathly blade. But Kelitizfiel Riding on his horse rode and shot light at the death knight instantly killing the death knight.
Kelitizifiel Roared his Victory. "The Alliance is driven back and its strongholds Destroyed!!"
With that swift movement of a few days the Alliance Had been swept away from the control of Azeroth or any Isle. The Brotherhood now rules the former Alliance of Lagosh's Lands. And the Battered Alliance of Lagosh now fades from the history of the Daily Peon. All that stands left of the Known alliance is Eastern Kingdoms small region of Burning Steppe Encampment. And Lagoshia on Agrus. Though the brotherhood does not know this... All the great cities have been destroyed, all 4 remaining have been stripet and added to the new Brotherhood Keeps.
Else Were Lord Troy of the 3rd Throne, Was killed from poison. A New Throne Lord is being seeked out.... A Soldier of the Horse.


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Level 10
May 3, 2009
Yeah but due to a thing called cultural merging. The Brotherhood will suck them into their culture. The civilians will survive but the culture will die (The alliance's that is). The Brotherhood needs people to work its lands that it has taken.
By the way guys Is this one of my best terrains?