[Picture] Dark Portal map

Level 9
Nov 27, 2014
For those who wants to battle the dark portal...

Frozen Wastes creeps:
Mammoth: Has some resistant to bullets .. anti-tank and building

Magnautaur Warrior: Anti Infantry and tank

Magnautaur Destroyer: Anti Group

Frozespire Hawk: Light anti air

Frozespire Wyrm: Heavy anti air, can freeze

Frozen soul: Swarm, anti infantry, only vernerable to magic

Frost Balrog: Boss, very powerful

Dread Wastes Creeps
Salamander: Submerges under lava, can set buildigs on fire, anti building

Moaner: Tank, can be a meatshield effectively

Slag Elemental: Anti Infantry while anti tank if they hurl flaming boulders

Giant Firefly: Anti Air, very powerful

Lavabat: Sucide air unit

Lava Lord: Boss

Scorched Lands

Dustwalker: Elemental, can be affected only by magic, can fill any role except tank

Duststalker: Can be only hurt my magic, can dispatch infantry easily but have a hard time against armored units

Sand Scorpoid: Anti Tank unit, very resistant to bullets

Desert Sorpoid: Anti infantry and tank, can easily crush tanks with their claws

Giant Vulture: Anti air

Bronze Dragon: Anti air and armor

Desert Lord: Boss

Rainforest Creeps

Canopy Beast: Hulking beast, can rampage and quickly destroy land forces

Canopy Gargungutan: Stronger Canopy Beast

Entangler: Ground unit that entangles enemy units

Ent: Magic resistant hulking creature, can crush tanks easily by throwing them

Revenatis: Boss

Lake Tagiyah

Merthyal Lobster: Anti Infantry, resistant ti bullets

Merthyal Brute: Anti Infantry and tank, can be a meat shield, resistant to bullets

Magthron Juggernaut: Anti land, weak to air

Hydra: Anti armor, can melt away armor easily but also serves as a anti infantry unit

Stormscale: A Huge beast, anti air, can fly or land or submerge

Hydromanus: Boss
Level 9
Nov 27, 2014
Enviromental Details

Lake Tagiyah
A Huge lake with mountains isloating it from Rainforest and Frozen Wastes. Taking the mountains will have a long way, there is an alternative... trhough the water... although there will be deep horrors on your way!

Scorched Lands
A Dry and very dry desert.... much drier then Vesfrica. During the day it is 100 degrees celsius, at night, 10 degree...The desert may be still but there may be unexpected attacks from the locals!

A humid and everrain biome, full of jungle trees and canopy and vines, beware for there are brutes laying in this jungle, 1 wrong move will send a squad into hell!

Dread Wastes
A Lava filled black landscape. Although not much life lives above ground.... there is a lot of activity underground! keep your eyes open and if the ground shakes... run!!

The Frozen Wastes

The area will chilll you to the bone, it is filled with crystals too cold to touch and ice along with snow. The Ideal whiteness makes predators have an easy time on their prey! Always wear your coat and keep your radar on.. for what lie beyond the snow is unseen..