[Picture] Alliance Meeting Mike: This is Peasent Mike Matt: and Peon Matt! Mike: Shut it! Anywa

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May 3, 2009
Alliance Meeting
Mike: This is Peasent Mike
Matt: and Peon Matt!
Mike: Shut it!
Anyway the Alliance today is calling in all of its members who is that oh it is StormWarriors, Loken and Ebe!
Matt: And General Lawson!
Mike: SHUT UP!
Anyway the Alliance Members have been split upon a issue!
Matt: the issue is that the Alliance's Very own Donson is trying to gain power! As he wishes to finish off what they started by attacking the Trolmainian Empire!
Mike: And the other side Captain Lokens and Alvaro's side both want to hold onto what they have and to lead the Alliance into action!
Matt: this is what we heard!

StormWarriors: You all have gathered here today to hear the Two sides of a dispute. Commander Donson you have the stage.
*Donson walks up*
Donson: Dear Alliance Leaders! We have gathered hither to find a rat in our Good Alliance! Alas! He stands in our midst! Commander Loken! He and his comptraions want us the Alliance of Lagosh to Sit back and let our enemies grow stronger! I cannot Allow this to happen!
*the Alliance leaders mumur*
The Beast Master: Commander Donson. I have heard your side of the story! You wish us to War Monger with the Trolmainians, The lands of the North, The naga of the south, And the Mole Peoples! We cannot Allow our Alliance to Fall!
*the beast master sits down*
*The Watcher Walks up*
Watcher: I have heard of the movements of the North and of the Trolmanian's Rule! Will we sit and bicker here our enemy grows stronger!
Garro: Quite Lady Jenny! The enemy will grow stronger no matter what we do!
Jenny: I will not sit back and let my people die Johnathon Garro! There is too much activity out there!
*Garro Shakes his head*
Death Knight Tal: Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen of the Alliance. I am Death Knight Tal. I am the Leader of the Necromancers of the Alliance Death Core.
Garro: Death Knight? Evil Be heard!
Tal: Quite old fool. Bite your tongue! I have heard of this effort! The Alliance Must Strike at the enemies heart! And show it to our Foes.
Loken: This is foolish even for you! My friends let this go no further! We already must pay for the blood split on our lands! We must help the Protectorate! And Ahriman in the north! Trolmania and the Rest of our enemies will be delt with time! The Trolmanians Weaken every day! We must wait and strike when the time is right! We are far too weak right now! We are only 400,000 Strong in man power! We only have around 100,000 Civilians! It is futile to attack now!
(Jaina Model) Cinthia: I am Cinthia sister of Loken. I am here to tell you that my brother is right! We must stop our bickery! And help our friends in the north and our Allies in Azeroth! This world needs heroes! And we are its hope! If we fall, this entire world will wither...
Lawson: You are all fools! Donson is right we should strike! Permiative strike could defeat the enemy with no problem!
(Arthas with hammer) Malis: FOOLS! As we bicker we shall all die! I shall not be apart of this!
StormWarriors: I agree With Malis. All those who do not wish to be apart of any of these, say I!
Ebe: I
Dark Ranger: I
Cinthia: I
Kalistro: I
Malis: I
Nagaman: I
Dwarf: Me say I!
(Footman model) Lucius: All those in favor of Donson?
Donson: I
Tal: I
Paladin: I
Captain: I
Lawson: I
Lucius: I
(Uther Model) High Paladin: I

(Mike slowly raises his hand. But matt pulls his hand down.)
Mike: WTF? DUDE!
Matt: Your not an Alliance Leader!
Mike: oh. Then why did they bring that troll!
Matt: good point....

(inquisitor) Captain Oregon: All those in Favor of Loken?
Troll: I be tellin mon
Ahriman's Spirit: I
Beast Master: I
Loken: I
Garro: I
Ranger: I
Oregon: I
Dark Ranger: It is split. Shit.
Donson: No there is one more who hasn't voted
* he looks toward Alvaro.*
Alvaro: I.
Donson: You shall burn in hell half breed!
*He takes up his Sword.*
*Alvaro takes up his sword*
*Alvaro bashes Donson in the face with his shield*
Alvaro: It is done Donson! The Alliance favors Loken!
Donson: This will lead to the Alliance's Downfall I shall not allow this! All those loyal to me! WE ARE GOING TO WAR!
Alvaro: What? You can't!
*Donson bashes alvaro, Cracking Alvaro's Helmet.*
Donson: This is war! A civil War! Which means this can only be solved by blood!

Mike: Holy F!@#$!@$!
Matt: SON OF A BITCH! You yelled in my ear.
Mike: Fuck no. Jesustrol what the hell just happened!
Matt: Is Alvaro dead?
Mike: Nah hes unconscious. Donson only smacked him.
Matt: WTF?
Mike: Have to hand it to donson. He is kinda entertaining. But seriously Civil War?
Matt: Yeah what the hell is with that!
Mike: Seriously WTF?!?!?!
Matt: This has to be the biggest plot twist ever!
Ash: What i miss?
Matt: Wait your a daily peon?
Ash: Yes. I am.
Matt: Son of a bitch. I thought Mike was a handful....
Mike: HEY!
Ash: don't worry. I know what I'm doing
Matt: Alrighty Readers (COPYRIGHTED) this Peon Matt, Map Maker Peon Ash and Peasent Mike Signing off!
Mike: Ah shi--- I just got angry fan mail. Again -.-
Ash: wait this one has photos. OMG ITS YOUR GF!
Matt: Oh my gawd! LET ME SEE! SHE'S HOT!


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Level 10
May 3, 2009
Lol. This has to be my longest picture ever XD.
Anyway, Ash is me. I just added my character for fun. I felt like this is how i'm going to do it from now on.
Also noticed Alvaro is missing from the pic XD
Level 10
May 3, 2009
half of them are going to die. Its just characters on the wiki.
Cinthia though will live. (i don't want to kill her espically if I named this character after the girl i liked o_O)
Anyway. Half of them are going to die not much to cry about.
Heres the dead list.
Alvaro- lives :D
Hathor- Dies
Lawson- dies
Tal- Dies
troll- dies
dark ranger- dies
Lucius- dies
captain- dies
paladin- dies
oregon- dies
Garro- dies
kalistro- dies
All of these people are going to live or die.
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