Pictionary v3.6

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Pictionary v3.6 (Map)

Level 3
Jan 9, 2005
Full description:

:!: Time for another round of Pictionary, Warcraft-style! If you like drawing or guessing other people's drawings, then this is the game for you!

Everyone gets a turn to draw, while everyone else tries to guess what it is. Whoever gets it right gets 2 points, along with the drawer. The most points after a time wins! Drawers may pass up their turn if they like. The game is also playable in Freestyle Mode, a single-player mode where there are no timers, no points, just drawing!

-Submission of drawings for rating by others! (link at the bottom)
-Game length and hint options.
-New background music.
-Smarter and better AI to automatically detect if an answer is correct.
-Improved tiebreaker system.
-Enhanced hint mechanism.
-Ability to erase individual steps in case of a mistake or to clear the whole board.
-Kicking of players by the host or through a vote.
-Faster loading time.
-And much more!

Inspired by Kaggz's Drawing Fun.

Visit http://www.faith.official.ws for more information and to check out the gallery!



Level 15
Nov 29, 2006
This is actually a funny map. Guess what the other one is drawing. Simple and a fun game if someone is bored. However not ideal to host random, as this is more fun to play with your clanmates than pubbing vs randoms. Since its simplicity and it is quite easy to understand, Its a funny concept.