Pack Section needs a clean-up

I hate being a jerk to the moderation team, but seems the Pack Section Pending List got quite some "unwanted visitors" in between there. Better take care of them. List below.
1P Human Campaign
1P Human Campaign
MAX Race Pack
WarcraftPlus (This one seemed to be at the wrong section.)
Nurse Pack
LV Nurse Pack
Crash bandicoot pack
Legendary World of Warcraft Modelpack
Adventures with Leonardo (Wrong section again.)
starcraft 3d model for warcraft
Stalker Pack by Nikikin
DotA - Hero Modelpack Revolution
pokemon mod
Some Models That I Have Created (SMTIHC)
human weaponless pack
Castle Pack
Koltor Abilities
Warhamer 40K v 1.02
My Maps
Highe Elff Buildings
Highe elef Buildings
Highe elef Buildings
Lich king with icons
Lich king with icons
Lich king with icons
WoW Pack Heros,Units,Spells,Weapons,Armors +
WoW Pack Heros,Units,Spells,Weapons,Armors +
Lighting And Modern Objects pack
My wc3 models
Bandits (no shield) (A model I assume.)
-WarForge-'s Modern Icon Pack
Massive Ship Pack (Not Mine)
World Of Warcraft Icons Pack (Broken?)
World Of Warcraft Icons Pack
World Of Warcraft Icons Pack
Large Fire Projectiles Pack (All contents are substandard)
Anime pack
Bandit race
Bandit race
Ghost no weapon Paladin pack (Supposed to be a model it seems.)
World of Warcraft: Burning crusade model pack
Attachment Pack
Element Sword Icons
Naruto pack

Well, can't believe even dated to 2008-ish. I might missed some or put ones that aren't suppose to be, so my apologies in that turn of event. It's just that the sheer number surprised me.

Also, I think some packs are broken. Their contents seemed to be lost. Though I'll check these later.