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Oziris's terrain

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Well this is my new terrain.I made this for the contest but the contest was closed.A swamp and some temple and the bigest project of 8hours is the orc camp.I have more pictures but i cant post them becous i allready posted them in the contest >.>


  • Orc camp.jpg
    Orc camp.jpg
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  • Orc camp1.jpg
    Orc camp1.jpg
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  • Orc camp2.jpg
    Orc camp2.jpg
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  • Orc camp3.jpg
    Orc camp3.jpg
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  • Orc camp4.jpg
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Sep 6, 2006
Those green ones are decent, but the orc base is just a bunch of huge custom models. Not a whole lot of ingenuity. I suggest using smaller doodads to make cool things.
Level 15
Dec 24, 2007
making units walk on stairs is a pretty easy process

1)Make the doodad/destructible walkable, you can do this in the object editor

2)go to bridges/ramps and place an invisible platform small or normal, i usually use small it usually makes it appear smoother

3)after placing your invisble platform, raise the doodad so that the bottom of the purple box is even with how high you want the unit to appear, don't do it too low or else it makes the unit sink, but don't do it too high so that the unit doesn't appear to be floating, just do that all the way up the stairs, you can use the same process with walls if you want to make them walkable.

i have a pretty good example i could show you, it's of a coastal fortress i'm working on, but it's currently on TheSandWraith's computer and i haven't asked him to send it to me yet.

Hope this helped you.
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Level 13
May 24, 2005
Of course it'll be a lot of work to set up all the invisible platforms for the pathing. But maybe Oziris has already done this?!
The attackers could be flying.. or ground but dropped.. or jumping so that most battles take place in the fort.

What about real large trees surrounding the fort, covered in fog?
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