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Hey guys, what's up? I really need your help badly right now.
I plan on putting a spell on a map of mine but I can't find the
triggering for it. The spell is from DotA and is named Overpower.

The only help I got when I attempted to trigger this was from
this thread: Triggered Skills explained {beta} - DotA Allstars Discussion
To make it easier for you guys, I'll just quote what the guy
said here.

Overpower (A059)

Based on Frenzy, it provides for everything except the forceful removal of the buff.

There's an array of variables saved for every player which saves the number of attack Ursa has done with Overpower. Whenever the effect of Overpower happens, the variable[player] is reset to 0.

Whenever a unit is killed or a unit is attacked, the game checks if it has the Overpower buff (B02O), if it does, then set variable[player] to the dying unit equal to 0 (since there's not dying unit when it's called because of an attack this does nothing then). Then increase the variable[player] of the attacking unit equal by 1. If it's then bigger than 5, forcefully remove the buff from it.

Note that this skill sees only if the unit has begun the attack, so if by any chance you cancel it before doing the damage (being stunned, pressing S) that hit with IAS will be lost.

If anyone of you guys could gladly make it the I will +rep you.
In addition, please do it in GUI. (I don't know jass at all)

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