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Order unit A to cast a spell at unit B immediately during the starting of the game.

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Level 4
Aug 7, 2010
hello pro editor. As the title, i'm currently facing difficulty about ordering a unit to cast a spell at another unit immediately when the game starts. I've found the action "order unit to attack another unit" but thats not what i'm needed. What i need is to order the unit to caste a spell. Any idea how to do with triggers?
Level 7
May 13, 2011
You're looking for something like this:

  • Initialization Spell
    • Events
      • Map initialization
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Unit - Order Sorceress 0000 <gen> to Human Sorceress - Slow Footman 0001 <gen>
As you can see, this is a trigger to order a manually defined Sorceress to cast Slow on a manually defined Footman. Of course, change these to your appropriate values. The action is called "Unit - Issue Order Targeting A Unit".

By the way, if you're using a custom spell, just order the unit to cast the spell which your custom one is based off. So, for example, if you've based a spell of Heal, order the unit to cast "Human Priest - Heal".
Level 33
Mar 27, 2008
Please make sure the spell is "ready-to-be-used" in terms of Cooldown 0, Mana Cost 0, Requirements have passed (Research is done such as Invisibility by Sorceress), etc

There are 3 types of spell-target, which are:
1. Target-unit
2. Target-point
3. Instant

A spell that is directly targeted to a unit such as Chain Lightning.

A spell that targets ground which have/doesn't have the AoE indicator such as Flame Strike or Serpent Ward

A spell that when we click, it is immediately casted without referring it to anything such as Windwalk

Now tell me, what is your spell that needs to be casted ?
I can solve it for you
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