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Orc Zombie

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This is my 100th skin ! For this event (mmh, yes, it's an event for me ;)), I've decided to do a remake of my first skin, so here it is : The Orc zombie...
Freehand and filter (one)...
Plz give comments and rate !
Hope u'll enjoy ;)...

Grunt, Zombie, I eat brains

Orc Zombie (Texture)

17:21, 14th Mar 2008 THE_END: Not that Undead really..and that damn star everyone sees as evil. Pretty cool skin though




17:21, 14th Mar 2008
THE_END: Not that Undead really..and that damn star everyone sees as evil. Pretty cool skin though
Level 11
Aug 4, 2004
MUCH better than your other one, good job on improving your skins so much. 5/5 Though some more blood may be in order for a good zombie.

Hhhmm...what is your best....I don't know, you have too many skins to look at! :p
Level 17
Jul 4, 2004
everyone is talking about filters...filters...omg

r they so bad?...well i dont think so...cause that layer effect ,pins is using in every single skin, is so annoying and un"blizzardish" omg your 100th skin? dont u think u ve to get better and leave that layer effect method thingy?

(i used layer effects too in tha past but only in my first 2 skins *biggestsighever)
Level 4
Mar 21, 2004
wow, pins you keep amazing me with your perfect skins (Freehand or not)
this orc does not really look like a zombie to me. more a improved one of blizzards.
Level 8
Oct 2, 2004
Pins, please pull out of this slump! No offense, but your last few skins have sucked! Stop using quick, small lines. Try using the unedited grunt for reference if you clear the area.

I'm having trouble using skins, how do you do it again?
Level 13
Jul 28, 2004
honestly pins, since the beginning, you didnt got any better. you've only found other methods, but your skinning and drawing capacities are still very poor.
its proven, the more you know drawing, more you can draw different things, since knowing how to draw is intelligence, not a muscle.

i clearly see a problem there, perhaps if you'd try to freehand everything ( that would be a really incredibly event ) without tracing, it would help you a bit. that's right, no tracing like you did.

i dont see this as an improvement, samwise could've done better with one hand in his back. i dont see how drawing over samwise's skins and add small details could be considered as improvement.

your skins are annoying to see, please improve some, quality over quantity.
Level 21
Jul 3, 2004
what an offensive comment...
U know, freehand is Samwise's job so it's totally uncomparable.
I dont see why I'ld add details invisibles in the game, it's useless. A skin isnt an art piece, the only problem is make it looks good in the game.
U perhaps think my skins are annoying to see, but I do things original and usefull for the modders.
It's my objective : than every modders on this site dont need to request, they just look at the skins section and they find what they want.
My objective isnt make a great piece of art on each skin because it's only good on the .blp, in the game that's another problem. The only important thing are looking good in the game, usefullness, originality. That's my opinion.
Dont talk about my draw skills, I cant submit my drawings because I havent got scanner. And I'm not exactly a drawer, I'm a painter (aquarelle, u know ?).
Freehand everything "because it's freehand so it's good" is one of the most stupid attitude I've ever see... Use filters isnt prohibed, u just have to use them good, it MUST looks good.
I'm admirative with the skinners who add a lot of little details, because they're great drawers, but I'm sorry, I think it's useless...
I know, I know, so more people will scream and said "their skin looks 100X betters than urs" and "u are just jealous".
I'm not jealous at all, I'm admirative. I dont need to be jealous.
I reach the 101 skins (101 = Zangdar) but in fact, I've done just 103 skins : I havent submitted my first, and one was deleted.
This skin is done since so far... I submit my skins when I've time... So u cant judge the time I take to do them because u dont know it.
That's the worst offense possible : "u havent worked enough". But by the hell, how can u judge ? Who are u to judge that ? A newb can work really hard to improve, he wont improve, but he have worked.
So dont judge my work on this tima I take, u cant.
And dont judge the amount of work YOU see, u cant.
And dont compare me with "Art Skinners", I cant.
Level 4
Mar 21, 2004
It only matters what the skin looks like ingame. The blp doesnt really matter.
Skins are not like concept art Wormskull, if you make a beautilfull blp which looks like total crap ingame, you made a bad skin.
and please stop annoying people with your overdetailed critics.
And Pins,most of your skins belong in the Directors Choise, because they are a gift to the eye ingame