Orc Cliff / Ground texture tileset

Level 15
Mar 31, 2009
So i was looking around skin textures, all very awesome ground, cliff textures, and then i got to the end, and realized there are no orcish tilesets :O. I got to thinking that with so many people loving orcs as much as i do :D there would be a lot of people making orcish campaigns, I personally am working on an orcish project atm. SO, why not? it could be a cliff to be used as walls (dalaran tilesets) and a ground texture to go along with it, after i had these 2 things on my mind i found this pic in WoW site:


look at the outer wall in the horde station thing on the right, look closely at it. It looks so orc. I think if anyone would try to make such texture for cliffs, it just has to be somewhere along those lines. Thank you for reading, I would greatly apreciate it if this was done :D