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Orb of Lightning Crashes WC3

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Level 12
May 22, 2015
I had some super sad times playing my map with my friend when the game crashed randomly as we were getting towards the end. I ran around my map looking for what could have caused it and came up with nothing for a pretty long time (thought it was memory leak due to timing, but the timing was only coincidence because the items that made it crash are just never really bought early in the game).

As it turns out, it was something to do with the Orb of Lightning ability (I changed the spell to slow). It works fine on its own, but then if I combined it with the slow aura (from the tornado) and it crashes when you hit a unit with the tornado slow effect. This only happened because the buff for the orb and the buff for the aura were the same (they are both frost effects so I used the same buff). Changing one of the buffs to something else fixed the problem.

Any idea why this would cause it to crash? I want to make sure the ability is safe since I am using it in quite a few spots and planned to use it even more. I did a couple of experiments with the ability and noticed it crashed if I tried to put the drain life spell on it (where the unit channels it and steals life from the target) - though it would work for variable amounts of time which I thought was weird.

It's also such a bad feeling when the game ends abruptly due to a crash. At least if a spell doesn't work properly, you can just play around it and see what happens, but a full crash just sucks.

I'd also like to know if there is a way to detect when the orb fires. It seems that the spell that gets cast does not trigger "Unit - Unit starts the effect of an ability" events. I can use a dummy unit and trigger the whole orb effect using a damage detection system, but that seems less elegant and less efficient.

Is the orb of lightning ability safe? I've found multiple instances where it has caused a crash.

Is there a way to detect the spell being cast from the orb of lightning ability (I know I can trigger the whole orb effect and use a dummy unit, but I'd rather a different solution than that).
Level 30
Jan 31, 2010
The game crashes simply because Aura is permanent, while the orb is a duration effect. You can't stack both on the same buff. You can, however, make the orb have it's own buff and the game will be safe now.
It's a same thing with what I tried once, to make the damage aura and armor aura from one item have the same buff to remove the amount of buffs on the status bar, and the game crashed when I encountered a friendly unit without attacks.
I'm not sure how the orb will react with channeling abilities tho, so you'd might want to check that.
Orb's safe, all in one, if there's proper buff usage.

For firing off an event with Orb, it's not possible unless you make it a full custom spell which will no more rely on the Orb spell, but rather be triggered entirely, that way you could detect when an Orb will be fired and perform further actions. Unfortunately, there's no way to detect when the effect fires from the Orb.
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