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Make Orb effects stack

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Hello guys, I'd like to have a spell that gives the attacker a 50% chance to cast chain lightning on every attack. So i used the orb of slow and changed its effect ability from Slow to Chain lightning. That did work.
The problem is that using this new spell won't allow the hero to use the effects of other orbs. It's like carrying 1 orb of slow and 1 orb of venom. They don't stack.

Is there a way to make them stack?

If not, is there a custom gui spell similar to this? (the attacker has a 50% chance to cast chain lightning on every attack.
Level 13
Jan 2, 2016
You can trigger the whole thing.
If you have a DDS, do:
Event: a unit takes damage
Condition: damage source has ~the item~
Actions: If Random integer form 0 to 1 is equal to 1:
create a dummy at position of damage source,
add (a custom) chain lightning to the last created unit
and order the last created unit to cast chain lightning at the damaged unit.

If you don't have a dds, and this orb effect is for a melee unit, you could use "a unit is attacked event", but that's not recomended :p
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