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Onslaught. A Custom Heroes AoS

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Level 3
Jul 3, 2011
Hello. This map was in development for years. I've just finished it recently but I need this map tested in multiplayer. I can't seem to host this game on Battle.net despite opening certain ports through the router. So that's why I'm here. The map is open for you to look around and will always remain open to encourage more people to learn.

Please help me find any bugs in an multiplayer setting. You don't need to go in deep. I just need to know if it can actually run in a multiplayer setting.

Even if you're not testing it in a multiplayer setting, go ahead give me new names for the Heroes, Items, and the Item Lore. Please have names that are in character. No "NoobPwnerWin!11" for the Paladin as a name please.

If you have any ideas, please feel free to shout.[/COLOR] Thank you for your time!


Map Name: Onslaught AoS
Author: The Icecreamman (that's me )
Currently in Beta Stage for Multiplayer

Select your hero and fight alongside your teammates and allied creeps as they push into the enemy team's base and destroy it to secure victory. While you are doing that, your hero will slowly learn three abilities and an ultimate and you get to choose which abilities your hero will learn from a pool of 24 spells and 9 ultimates.


Map features
- Your hero will carry a book that is not droppable. As you click on the book, it will change pages and display the details of an ability. Every two levels, whatever page your book is on, you will learn the ability displayed on that page.
- This game is intended to be finished withing 30 minutes.
- This game is also intended to not overwhelm the new player
- All Spells in this game are divided into three categories; Strength Spells, Agility Spells, and Intel Spells.

* Strength Spells emphasize stun attacks and staying alive as long as possible.
* Agility Spells focus on buffing physical damage output and avoidance ( avoid attacks with spells like Invisiblity or Mirror Image )
* Intelligence Spells focus on Nuking Projectiles with secondary disabling effects and Misc. Defensive Abilities.

The Spell Book you receive will teach one of the three Category of spells depending on what Primary Attribute you've chosen. For newer players, limiting them to just a pool of 11 spells prevents them from being overwhelmed and get to know the Spell Class a little better. But you can easily change books. The Mountain King can easily change his book from Strength to Intelligence and learn Chain Lightning. The commands to change books are listed in where the Quest Info tab is during the game.

- The minimap art is from an artist named Warrior
- The goblin sniper model (though currently unused) is from Will the Allmighty


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