Old World Editor version for macs?

Level 5
Apr 21, 2006
I have a PC and a Mac. When I was about to open my project (that I created on my PC) on my mac, it said that I am using an older version of World Editor so some things may not work.

So I checked the WE versions on both computer, and as it was saying, the Mac have an older version. The Mac have v1.20d, and the PC have v1.23. Both computers have game version 1.23.

There's no "World Editor patches" as far as I know. So I updated the whole game again, (to the same version that I already had installed) without luck.

Is it just that Blizzard don't update WE for macs?

If you have a mac, can you check the version on your World Editor? (Do this by pressing +i on the World Editor file.)
Level 9
Mar 16, 2009
do you have the universal binary patch put out to make them compatible.
I don't even have a mac I used google and sure enough one of the results was from apple talking about a compatibillity patch.