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Nuclear Chemist Sapper

[Mohawk's Diary]
Day 94,
Our times has come to meet our destiny. We are either die endlessly or live to watch people annihilated in front of our eye.
But I can't put some remorse to them, I assign to be experimented as an sapper. A sapper will never die in vain.
A sapper may die but another will come take place. But now, no one will replace us. Endless explosion, watch the world in green.
If you think Centaurs have bad wrapping, Goblin Sapper is one level above. While this wasn't as hard as centaur, it's still one of more painful model to deal with due to even more poor wrapping. I was wrong when saying centaur was hard.
Edit: Hey it's me, my thumbnail is a bit suck at the moment. If you have time, you can help me get a better thumbnail. I appreciate it.
Version 1.0Released
Version 1.1
  • Change Mohawk's pant and gloves.
  • Minor Adjustment on chemical tube.
  • Helmet's eye now glow and his mouth now correctly attach the metal jaw.
  • Several shadow added into component.

Nuclear Chemist Sapper (Texture)

Nuclear Goblin (Helmet) (Icon)

Nuclear Goblin (Mohawk) (Icon)

Cool concept. Decent highlights and shading. Handled the wrap nicely. Good composition of colors. Thanks for providing an ingame screenshot.
Since you asked for my review of this texture Shido here it is :p

So first of all, I think this one is amazing; similar to your other work you've taken a unit that AFAIK I haven't seen many textures for and done something very different and cool with it. Particular kudos must be given to the details on the faces and the glowing orb parts which look phenomenal. Again, your texturing style is very bold and cartoonish which I think is great and not something I could replicate with big, bold colours and blocks of colour (in a good way).

If I had any nit-picks to give it would be perhaps the blending between shading could be a bit better, make the transition a bit smoother for example on the green bit of the "tank" and on some of the grey bits I think it could be a bit smoother. Another nitpick would be the arms and hands look a bit bland, I think you could add a bit more detail to them. Also my final nitpick would be similar to the centaur texture, don't be afraid to use the darkest colours in the recesses, make them dark and bold and then use much lighter almost white bright shades on the highlights. Warcraft models look really good with bold contrasts between highlights and shadows and I think its something you could explore a lot more without losing your iconic cartoonish style :)

So in conclusion, I'd give the skin a 4.5/5 with a 5 with some slight improvements to the arms, hands and smoothing the shading a little.