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Make wisps detonate offensively - like Sappers use Kaboom

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Level 2
Dec 12, 2018
I'm trying to make the wisp aggressive and basically act like a neutral hostile Goblin Sapper, but with Detonate instead of Kaboom. I tried making wisps suicidal, and giving them Kaboom (and it seems that Kaboom is by default off autocast and autocast needs to be turned on manually - however if the sapper is owned by Neutral Hostile, autocast is on and the sapper does what it's supposed to do).

Another way to look at it is whether there's a way to make Kaboom drain mana instead of hp? :)
Level 9
Sep 20, 2015
You can use a trigger for this.


A unit comes in range x amont(creep aggro distance)


Triggering unit belongs to Player(x)


Issue units to target a point ( select the wisps and make them use detonate in the triggeing unit position)

There are other ways to do it i think this is just the first i thought of
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