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NoX models request +REP

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Jun 21, 2009
These are the models I would like someone to help make for my rpg. A picture and a description is added for each model I need. +Rep for anyone who helps with a model. I have a descritpion of what the model is used for in NoX but all I need is the model.

Force of Nature

This is a spell in NoX. The caster summons a light green colored orb which shoots out in the direction it was casted in and every enemy that touches this orb loses hp every .10 seconds. The closer you are to the center of the orb of the more damage you take. The father apart the less damage you take.

Carniverous Plant

This is one of beasts. This beast is plant with a big mouth and sharp teeth. As all plants it is rooted into the ground and cannot move, but it is able to stretch its head as much as possible (Which isnt much) and bites its enemies.

Attack Animation: Stretches its head about (100 range) and bites its enemies openeing its mouth wides and closing fast.

Death Animation: When killed it turns black and its head falls to ground looking like a dead plant. (I couldn't find the correct words to describe this. If it is to unclear I will post a picture of it dead.)


This is a mimic in its chest form. In this form the mimic cannot move or do anything. When someone tries to open the chest it transforms into the mimic.


This is a mimic in its original form. Withs its one eye, fast moving legs, and powerful smashing arm/claws this is a powerful opponent.

Attack Animation: The mimic is quite slow in attacking. Since it must lift its hard-as-steel claws into the air, then, with all its force smashing them down everytime.

Death Animation: The mimic dies spilling all its green colored blood everywhere and its one eye falling off.



These are the powerful necromancers. They are the leaders of Heccubahs powerful undead army. Everytime you encounter Hecubah, a necromancer, is always next to her.

Attack Animation: In NoX these necromancers do not have a "attack animation", since, all they do is cast spells. Now I would like a attack animation that is atleast punching with fists.

Spell Animation: The spell animation for necromancer is the following: They use both their hands and sort of push at the direction they are casting. To be more clear it is exactly like when the characters of DBZ (dragon ball Z) use a Kamehameha wave. Except it is quick and no charging their energy.

Death Animation: Once killed the necromancer's skin turns into ash and its bones fall to the ground covered by the ash which was once skin.


These creatures are as scary as they are powerful. Since they bascially made of skin and eye, they, use their electrical abilites to produce a electrical shield around their weak bodies to shock enemies that attempt to attack them. Since they have no feet, but a small antena sticking out from they bottom, they have the permanent ability to hover around at great speed. Once at a distance from a enemy they cast slow spells and powerful energy bolts at enemys to finish them off. These ocular beings are the gaurdians of the Temple of Ix.

Attack/Spell Animation: I believe (Im not to sure) They move their atenas a bit to cast spells. (Any spells) These will not have a attack animation except for the same animation they use as casting spells.

Death Animation: When these powerful gaurdians die, their biggest eye falls out of its socket ontop the ground and blood flows out of the empty socket. Ofcourse this blood is the same as the mimic's blood.


This is the mastermine behind everything, Hecubah. She is the self-proclaimed Queen of necromancers. Ofcourse no necromancer challenged her since she was the most powerful. This is the person who cause Jack to be sucked into a portal into the world of Nox. She is, not only trained in the arts of wizardy, but also she has mastered the art of summoning like a conjurer.

Attack Animation: Like beholders and necromancers she doesn't resort to melee combat, but, for my map, I would like her to have atleast a attack animation. This time I will leave it up to the whoever takes on this model to decide what attack animation would be the most decent to give to her.

Spell Animation: Hecubah's spell animation is when she lifts her hand (left) and casts her spells. Her hand is lifted up to where it is even with her chest.

Death Animation: When Hecubah is finally defeated (Warrior ending) she start to tip over like a drunk and then falls, back to ground, and is lifted up from the center of her body. She rises about 6 feet then a sort of circle forms around her which explodes into what looks like a thunderclap. After all that she falls to the ground, dead. Now I do not except the death animation to be like this since it looks like a lot of work and file size will go into this. A simple fall to the ground (Like Jaina) will do.


This is probably one of the most simple models. A leech is bascially what its name says. The only difference between a normal leech is that this specific one is a Giant Leech :p. A black slime will do.

Attack Animation: "Well how would a giant leech attack?", you would ask. Its simple really since I have seen it but if you think about without seeing it first it would be hard to guess. A giant leech lifts half of its body (The half with its head) and then slams that half ontop its target.

Death Animation: When a leech is killed it just flatens on the ground with a circle of blood surrounding its body.

Completed by Caveman
White and Pink Spider

This is the weakest kind of spider in NoX, Although funky looking and big it is weak and non-venomess (Sorry if this is incorrect spelling). These are common and usually walk in packs of two big ones and X number of small ones.

Attack Animation: These spiders lift their front legs and bite you. Simple.

Death Animation: Well to put it in simple terms... Justl like a spider would die.

Gas Pouch

These are inofensive plants (I think) which do not move or attack. They do just sit there. Heres the catch! You touch one and they explode into a cloud of poisoness gas which sufficates you burning away your HP in seconds unless you are able to exit the cloud of toxic.

Attack Animation: There really isnt a attack animation. More of a stand animation. It breaths.
Death Animation: Just a small green explosion. I believe the poisoness cloud would be another model.

Black Widow

This is a human sized black widow. nothing much to say except extremely poisoness.

Attack Animation: Same as wc3 spiders.

DeathAnimation: Same as wc3 spiders.

Urchin Shaman

This is the most annoying creature in NoX. Weak and old these elderly urchins can damage you greatly. Casting Meteor and Pixie swarm followed by confuse these are annoying little creatures.

Attack Animation: Bashing enemies with the staff.

Spell Animation: These cast spells by lifting their staff like Priests from wc3.

Death Animation: The death animation is exactly like necromancers from wc3.


These are the infamous urchins. Not as annoying as shamans but with their weak bodies and fast feet these are hell to catch for melee fighters.

Attack Animation: This is more of a throw animation. Since urchins fight from range throwing small pebbles the animation should be a throw.

Death Animation: The death animation is probably the villager child.

Ogre Lord

Although totally different from wc3 ogres, these are, infact, ogres. This is the powerful ogre lord. Green and horrid looking he is powerful and yet a coward.

Attack Animation: These ogres attack by smashing their powerful fists into enemies. They lift their arms and attack by "hugging", as I see it, their opponent. Although it is more of slash attack.

Throw Animation: From range these cowardly fighters thorw shruikens at enemies with perfect aim. The animation looks like how someone would throw a Shruiken.

Death Animation: Once defeated in battle these ogre lords fall on the ground with their face hitting the ground.

This is not a complete list. As time goes on I will post more models which I need. I will also add a box which says which are complete. If you feel you cannot complete a model because it lacks a clear picture or adequate information I would like you to please let me know so I can fix that immediately. Thanks for your time!


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Jan 25, 2008
I made a closed/opening chest to go with the mimic on THW for another request, maybe it can help you here. Here's the thread - http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/requests-341/edited-chest-135700/

I also recommend giving more information on each model and pictures/screenshots too, that way people who have no idea what NoX is (like me) will have a better idea of what to expect the model to be like, as well as attracting more modellers in :DDDD Anywhoo, good luck with your models, if i get time ill see if i can have a whack at one or two.
Level 4
Jun 21, 2009
if you click "Hide" there are pictures for every model I need xD And yes it is true I did not add very much info per model and I will not until tomorrow thanks for chest and for post :grin:
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Jun 21, 2009
Oh what?! They were working fine yesterday... Hmm okay thanks for that ill fix it. Yesterday after I answered tee.dubs I checked and it worked. Okay lemme fix that
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Jun 21, 2009
Sorry for Double Posting

I would like to let you know I have redone the request and I appologize for the delay. I was out two days. Hope this helps :)
Level 15
Mar 8, 2009
i think Ogre looks too much like an orc, seriously. doesn't need a custom model.
black widow looks too much like normal black spider model from WE, so it's not a concern either imho
beholder is already on hive
Level 4
Jun 21, 2009
Yes I know ogres do like orcs werid. But there are no orcs which throw stuff and look all buff. Also about beholder yes I know there is one on hive and I like it except I dunno I don't feel it fits in.. Its just me though. For spider you are right there one that looks alot like it wc3 but people like custom models :wink:

Ty for comment!
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Jul 23, 2005
For the Black Widow you could just use the ingame Black spider and set it's custom TC to red. But here's a model that can be sued for the White Spider. If you really want the black widow to look more like this, then just change out the "SpiderWhite.blp" texture for "Units\Creeps\SpiderBlack\SpiderBlack.blp".


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Level 4
Jun 21, 2009
Okay im sorry I have not gotton back to you caveman. I have been on vacation the past few days. The model is perfect +Rep.

I will update the list soon
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