noob question-Glow

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Nov 17, 2005
Ummm.. Last time I checked if you take it into Magos' model editor, and looked into the vertex editor... It's one or two completely independent planes.
So, once you open it up, just look for these gigantic square planes, that tend to have a single diagonal running through them. Select all of the connected dots, please be sure not to select any of the model itself's "dots" and set the scale of the plane you selected to zero. You should be left with a single dot in its place, but it's harmless, and you won't see the glow... If you're really bothered with it, I suppose you'd have to go to oinkerwinkle's to actually delete a vertex. But like I said, it's harmless.

Also, someone please spell the plural of vertex for me. It's driving me insane, and I want to refrain from noobishly calling them dots >.<


OR, you can ignore everything I just said...
I forgot you can just delete the Geoset. *Facepalm*
Either method works, the latter is probably cleaner though...


Might I also suggest that you just attach hero glow in-game using the hero-glow model from say... WE-Unlimited... If you're planning on making a model to release to the community, it probably easily makes the model more versatile to just leave it off, and let the map maker decide whether or not he/she wants it to be a hero or a standard unit... Or if he/she wants hero-glows on heroes at all. Some modellers put it on anyways, I suppose because they want to, or it makes it look more professional, or so the mapmaker doesn't have to do it his/herself. But it's really insanely simple to just make hero-glow into a buff, and attach it to the chest or base via the object editor as compared to going through the trouble of adding it to the model itself.
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