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non rip half life 2 models

Level 2
Sep 2, 2006
hello all i need some half life 2 models for my map half life 2 wars (simular to the mod itself)

I will be needing a few models, please modelers try your best if you have time make me the following models:

Zombie(using the warcraft III zombie animations)
headcrab(err....they will need custom animations)
combine soldiers(they will use marine animations)
strider,combine apc, combine gunship (they are going to need custom animations........the strider needs an alternate attack for the cannon)(gunship's death animation can use the goblin zep death animation)

thats all for now....pelase he lp me......thank you :)

heres some info about them:

Combine APC
Attack: Machine gun (5), Missiles (25)
Health: 750
Threat: High
These armoured personnel carriers are used for deployments of Combine reinforcements and as mobile missile turrets. Armed with a machine-gun and missile launchers, APCs need to be neutralized quickly or avoided

Attack: Bite (5)
Health: 10
Threat: Annoyance
The quintessential Half-Life enemy makes its return. Looking for their next victim, head crabs will jump at any potential host. They often prove irritating by jumping out from dark places and can now become separated from their hosts in certain circumstances.

Attack: Swipe (10), Double-handed swipe (25)
Health: 50
Threat: Fairly low
When head crabs claim a victim, they turn their hosts into a walking zombie. Their sluggishness and lack of ranged attack makes them more of a nuisance than a potent threat. They are quite tough, and can continue to fight when cut in half.

Roller Mines
Attack: Shock (10)
Health: N/A
Threat: Low
Another feat of Combine engineering, roller mines will prove to be a thorn in Gordon's side in coastal areas. These pesky spheres will roll at you doing damage or latch onto your vehicle, throwing you off balance. While not readily destroyed, the manipulator or shotgun can send the mines flying out of range.

Combine Soldiers
Attack: Rifle butt (10), SMG (3), Shotgun (3), Pulse rifle (3), Grenade (75)
Health: 100
Threat: Medium
More heavily armoured than metrocops, these soldiers can be armed with an SMG, shotgun or pulse rifle and work in squads to take cover and flank you in a gunfight. They won't hesitate to lob a grenade your way, either.

Attack: Gun turret (3), laser burst, impale
Health: (i say about 1000)
Threat: Extreme
Seemingly inspired by the hulking tripods of Orson Well's "War of the Worlds", these alien monstrosities patrol the city streets in search of victims. Very tough and very deadly, striders are feared throughout City 17.

Combine Gunships
Attack: Gun turret
Health: (800?)
Threat: High
Gunships are armed with a single front mounted turret which fires constantly while you're in range. They can follow you across long distances and varied terrain to keep you in their sights.

Thank you very much.....I will be waiting......
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Level 35
Dec 10, 2007