--- Nimos Defender v1.05 --- (Single Player Defense)

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Welcome :)

This is a Single Player Tower Defense. (made in the Reforged Version of the WorldEditor)
I think it is best descriped as a "three different (in design and enemietypes) lane Legion TD Style" Map.
7 very different Types of Towers that can be upgraded in a lot of ways and all have weaknesses and strenghts.
33 Types of enemy units, , a lot of Bosses with abilities and so on.

The Game is very strategic, its more or less a "Build/Planning" Phase with no time limit and then a combat phase, has 38 Waves and should take 90 Minutes to finish. I would suggest playing it on Easy or Medium the first time, until you know how the game works.
On Hard or Nightmare, you really have to know what you are doing. There is no mazing , you have set places where you build your Towers (but your Towers do block enemies, like in Legion TD, kinda... ) , and the positioning is the most important part (on Hard difficulty you will have to reposition towers sometimes to counter certain waves.).

Map is complete, it is 1.01, i still have to do some minor bugfixes/typos and balance things, but all in all its done, just finished it on normal and hard mode in the last (of maaaany ^^) test-runs. ;)

edit : v. 1.02, forgot to chance some values before saving...

edit : v 1.03 :
- First Tower-Sell each Wave returns 100% Gold (instead of 90% ), makes it more "variable" for harder difficulties
- Minor Balance Changes (Better Mortar Healspray, Stronger Obelisk defense)
- After the Second Boss you get a Wave-Preview for the next 2 Waves (instead of only 1 Wave in v.102), so its easier to plan ahead.

edit : v 1.04 :
- Nerfed Skeleton Mages and the Nekromancers "Summond Skeleton Warriors" (not the basic ones that spawn at Wavestart thou)
- Update a lot of Tooltips, especially from the Upgrades, they show now the Level.
- Improved the LandMine Skill from the Obelsik to be more useful in Later stages
- Units that are "strong" against an enemytype do now 150% instead of 135% damage. (Hard Difficulty is now beatable..ier... ^^ Nightmare is still pretty hard. But thats how it should be)

edit : v 1.05 :
- Added some Triggers to prevent a possible Research Bug (It will check and update the Levels of all Research on Wavestart)

Nimos Defender v1.05 (Map)

Shar Dundred
No update has been made & the author has been inactive as well. Moved to Substandard.
Level 3
Jun 8, 2018
I liked the map, I complet in easy even a bug around the wave with the infernal all non hp/damage upgrade where reset to level 0, and I couldnt buy them anymore. I hope it's only on easy.
Level 2
Dec 31, 2019

Hmmm thats strange, i never encountered that bug (although i never played on easy myself, only normal and hard :D ) , and i checked the triggers, there is nothing that could reset the Upgrade Levels... I will look into that when i have more time, but i am pretty sure that is a very strange bug not trigger related, maybee i can add some "failsave" triggers to prevent that.
Level 2
Dec 31, 2019
Ok, no idea what could be the source of this bug, but i added some Triggers that check the Levels of all research for all towers and updates them at wavestart. So unless WC3 itself changes the Levels of the upgrades back to 0 without any triggers all should be fine ^^