Nightborne User Interface v1.2

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Updated to have a far more clear detail and overall better quality.

My attempt at creating a functional User Interface for my Nightborne faction. I hope others will enjoy and implement the UI.
Most of the work was done but using pre-existing images along with some light shading a freehand edits.

Authors include Blizzard Entertainment for their images and creation of WoW, and myself for combining various images and freehanding certain details.
Special Thanks to Kwaliti for his insight.


InventoryCover (Texture)

Nightborne User Interface v1.0 (Texture)

Tile01 (Texture)

Tile02 (Texture)

Tile03 (Texture)

Tile04 (Texture)

Time Indicator (Texture)

Changes have been made. Added Blizzard as co-author. Approved.
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Feb 5, 2008
I'm fairly certain you can attach all the files to the actual download. At least you can do it with other types of content. Haven't tried to upload a skin in awhile. :p

As you've already mentioned, there are some issues with placement and cropping here. Your screenshot also doesn't exactly make it appear to have a lot of shading, either (I say appears because you appear to have your gamma set pretty high and it doesn't look quite as overly bright on my end, though it still is a little monochromatic for my tastes). The only things I would particularly recommend in terms of details would be to make sure the banners are visually distinct from the columns (because right now I'm struggling to tell the difference) and to make the inventory cover a little less busy. It's not a bad concept, just needs some polishing.

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Lovely! Vote for approval. We need more UI!