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Night Elf Sentry and Runner (Re-Classic Pack)

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
Night Elf Sentry and Runner

- Added Panther form on Sentry model
- Added Night Elf Runner
- Added a green potion on Night Elf Runner
- Fixed the camera position on Night Elf Runner
Base Model Credits
Unit Type
Melee Unit
Author's Notes
Visit Johnwar's Models Discussion for updates and links for my models.:smile:

Night Elf Runner (Model)

Night Elf Sentry (Model)

Level 15
Apr 5, 2011
Please give us a version without the Panther form
But otherwise, its awesome as always
Maybe so that the model weighs less :) I too only need the Watcher; 100 kb isn't a big deal though, obviously.
I also feel the panther should use wolf attack animations (with paws), because the bite looks a bit weird.

Other than that, excellent work! Keep them coming, good sir :ogre_hurrhurr: