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Level 16
Mar 3, 2006

I never draw any picture on a computer paint-like program even when I try to use paint I can't move the mouse to draw even the simplest shape.

I used photoshop before but I never draw any free hand using it all I do is using the internal tools of the PS but never used the pencil or the brush before.

So you could consider me less than a level 0 newb, where should I start to begin drawing icons and skins, no lets start with icons first?

Help, please, and TIA
Level 17
Nov 11, 2010
That really depends on whether you find it easier to draw in real life or digitally. If in real life, start with free hand drawing on pieces of paper and such then purchase a graphics tablet. If digitally then start with Photoshop/Gimp since they are really easy programs to get a hold on.

Keep in mind I don't really dabble in the artistic area as much as other people do.


Skin Reviewer
Level 25
Mar 12, 2008
I'm currently using Photoshop CS4, it has a nice clean interface but most versions will work fine for texturing/drawing.

With enough practice, you can learn to draw just fine using a mouse. See Antihero and NiRVaNa_87's early work for good examples.

The trick is in having control over the brush size, shape, smoothness and opacity (how see-through something is) for better colour blending.

However, using a mouse restricts what you can do quickly and easily. If (and this is the important part) you are serious about digital art, the best thing you can do is buy a tablet. They range anywhere from $200-$3000 for decent ones.

To blend colours in Photoshop:
Paint two areas of solid colour
If you are using a mouse:
- Set your brush opacity to around 70% (or whatever works for you)
If you are using a tablet:
- Make sure in the brush settings under Other Dynamics, the Opacity Jitter control is set to pen pressure.
Hold the ALT key to bring up the eyedropper tool (colour selection) and left click to select a colour from the image. Paint between the two colour areas, repeating the Alt+Left Click process to pick new midtones between the areas you've just painted. Continue until you have a smooth gradation of colour.
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