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Feb 23, 2014
Quite frankly, there's not much to even be said about your work at this point. Clearly, you are still at the early stages of the development, so I think you should just continue working on your project and come back a bit later :)

One piece of advice I can give you is - don't attack yourself and don't say "oh, I'm a noob, what I did sucks...". I fully understand that as someone who, judging by the voice, is probably very young and has just started playing with the map editor, you might feel insecure about your capabilities, but don't be too hard on yourself :) Yeah, you are a "newbie" and obviously what you have done so far is pretty basic, but guess what - everyone, even the best mappers and modders out there, have been in the very same place you are now at some point :)

The major difference between you and the more experienced map makers is that they have played with the editor far longer and just had the time to learn a lot more stuff. What I'm trying to get at is - just keep working, try out different things and even though your first few projects probably won't be that amazing, eventually you'll get there :)


For more practical pieces of advice:

1. If you haven't already, definetely check the tutorial section -
It has a lot of amazing tips that you might want to use. Don't be afraid to ask and experiment with things :)

2. Another great place to look for some very basic tips and tutorials is this site:

3. Probably the best way to learn basic things in W3 editor is just pure experimentation combined with reading some tutorials to widen your perspective and overcome some of the issues you will run into. Don't be too ambitious at first! Start with something small - like, creating a map that has some sort of terrain, or doing basic triggers, or just adding a custom doodad, etc. Once you get a hang of the basic stuff, you can slowly start learning other things :)


Oh, and as for your importing problem - I have never experienced something like that, but I one thing that comes to mind is that perhaps the issue is with your editor not having the permission from your operating system (Windows) to modify the hard drive directory of you Warcraft 3 installation.

Here's a guide on how to change permissions in Windows:

Essentially, you should try giving your user account the permission to Modify/Write (or just Full Control) this directory. If this doesn't work, try doing that for every user on the list.

I think it will help :)
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