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New Hell Dragon WIP

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Some people have already asked me why my old Hell Dragon was suddenly gone, well I removed it, mainly because it was a WoW edit and not enough was changed imo, mainly the skin.
So I had plans to make a new Hell dragon out of my Lindormr Dragon model, wich wasn't released at the time, but since that took so long to finish the Hell Dragon version also came to a stand still. but now the normal version of the dragon is released and someone reminded me of the Hell Dragon, so I decided to pick up this project.
I'm still mainly in the experimenting stage, not lighting on the skin has been added yet, I've only just made a general layout of the rock cracks with the lava between it.
Although this is mostly a texture edit, I've also made some minor model changes and added some smoke and fire particles.
So, here's a very early preview.

Attachments didn't cooperate, so I linked via photobucket
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