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Need voice actors for my cinematic

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Oct 24, 2007
Hey guys im new to the hive, but im good at using the world editor mostly for cinematics. I am working on a cinematic that will have about 10 episodes, and I am in the need of voice actors. Just tell me if you can. (credits to the voice actors will be at the loading screen text)

I currently need voice actors for:

Arthas - Undead Ner'zhul Arthas voice
Kael - Blood Elf voice
Lady Vashj - Naga-like women voice
Kil'Jaeden - Harsh, demon voice with an echo
Undead Commander - Undead, Necromancer-like voice with an echo

(i am currently making the trailer lasts about 1 minute so those 5 are all I need for now)

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