Need People to help a noobie :)

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Level 2
Jul 3, 2011
Hey all i tried making a new Vampirism, Vampirism Gold, And i made the map the way i want and now i need someone who knows a decent amount of stuff (well-rounded) to help me finish the game/map. They need to know triggers, respawn stuff and alot more :/ Im very noob when it comes to map making and new someone to teach me and help me make the new map!! You will be thanked GREATLY and also get credit on the map (alot of credit trust me i NEED help)

Mostly i need someone who has the time and patience to help me finish this map. Like i said all i have done is the map (like bases/trees)

What i need done (which i cant do)
~Triggers to vamp spawn
~When your human dies rest of your stuff dies aswell
~When you die you get re spawned as a vampire
~Having it so when i play the game i can have a custom unit
~(like vampirism beast if u guys know it)
~Having a countdown for vamp spawn, and the next gold you get
~probably more stuff like this when these things come up

What i need done (which I can do, however need help)
~making the human builds certain buildings
~having each building have upgrades for stuff
~finish loading screen and credits

If you wish to help me you will be GREATLY thanked and have your name on map loading screen for helping (with what u helped on)
Not open for further replies.