Need people for project + story for if you're interested

Level 6
Feb 10, 2005
hi, guys. I'm going to make a project called ''Ages of War''and, for that project i need people to join my project. This is the story for my project:

50 years before Warcraft I: Orcs and humans a big war is unleashed between the Trolls of Angshore and the Humans of Azeroth.

You, a goblin Warlord from Demaghôn, the homeland of the Goblins, are a mercenary and you must find a way to survive in these ill times. The only way to do this is to pick a side, ore you choose for the cannibalistic Trolls, who live in the south of Azeroth near Stranglethorn Vale. Ore you choose for the renegade humans, who live in Stormwind, the big stronghold keep of Azeroth…

Regardless witch side you choose, you have to fulfil a curtain amount of quests to gain favour from your “bread master”.

Each side has at least 5 quests from witch 2 are big ones.

World editor “musts”:

- The whole story plays off in 1 giant map with the sizes of: 256×256
- The story takes place in the rain season of Elywnn forest, Stranglethorn Vale and Westfall

People i need:

- Modellers + skinners who can make me some cool Trolls, Goblins and Humans

- Trigger people who can help me with make some major problems in my plan (i'll tell when you join!!)

If you're interested send me an PM and i'll respond as fast as possible. I will choose max. 2 modellers/skinners and max. 1 á 2 trigger people.

I hope you all will respond soon! :wink: :D