request: need people for project

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Feb 10, 2005
Hello, i'm busy with a project called: WoW: Mulgore,

witch means it's ONE map that's based on the landscapes of mulgore.

In my project i've got more of those maps. Like:

-WoW: Teldrassil (=already add but was to big, maybe making new one!!)
-WoW: Mulgore (i'm busy on that now!!)
-WoW: Scourge lands (not yet working on it)
-WoW: Elwynn forest (not yet working on it)
-WoW: Stranglethorn Vale (not yet working on it)

Most asked question: ''Why don't you make a huge WoW project and not only one map?''

Answer: ''Because i want a map that isn't like WoW: reborn because the landscapes are just really to small. And i don't want a whole WoW map because that way it's a campaignand you can't go in the map with more players!!

People i need for projects:

Modellers - what models?: WoW models, occationally Tauren models and Gnome ones (buildings included!!)
Skinners - what skins?: WoW skins
Triggerers- (i can trigger to but it doesn't always work well!!) what triggers?: A leaderboard so the npc's will work well and respond on players

Send me one Personal Mail = PM ore just one respond on this topic if you want to join my team.

:wink: :D
Not open for further replies.