I need your help go here if your interested ^_^

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Jan 7, 2017
Hello guys my and as you can see in the title I need your help go here if your interested ^_^

And yes I do need your help if your interested in one of these spots then tell me here and the I will make a conversation quickly.

Here are the list of the things I need your help with:

Hero Skill Creator:
-a guy that can make an awsome skill for a basic hero
-it can use GUI spells if you know how to

Model Maker:
-makes a model of a specified hero

Icon Maker->@Wildfire
-good with art

-this guy advises the main creator what to do with the project
-it advises if the map is good the map is unbalance and more!
-the advisor must have experience in reviewing
-this also tests the map wether it is balanced,has a cool gameplay etc.

Overall I will need 4 people to work with and for all it will also be my team:D

I am finding these people so that I can get started with my soon projects!

  • The Currible (Custom Heroes)
-it is an altered melee map with custom heroes with awsome abilities!
  • Pure Reflex
-Pure Reflex is a 4 vs 4 arena map that can test how fast you hands are, thats why it's called pure reflex to test wether your fast handed or not.
-this map will also improve your abilities in Warcraft III learning how to memorize quickly and to see the enemy quickly;)

For now I am currenly working in an Altered Melee Map this map is just a normal melee map but the map is altered because it has customs heroes, and I need your help for me to get started:)

I already have an idea for the hero but I really need ideas for a spell for that hero.

Just tell me if you are interested!

The Teams Name will be "Patience Behold" or "True Believers" depends on what you choose :D
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